Mancozeb fungicide made of action | Dithane M-45

Mancozeb fungicide made action- Zinc, salt, and Manab fully mixed then made of Mancozeb. There are 20% Manganese and 20% Zink. Manab means is Manganese Ethylene Bis. Mancozeb fungicide made action Mancozeb is a sulphur group dithiocarbamate non-systemic fungicide.  Manab is yellow color and water dissolved. Top 5 Advantage of Mancozeb i) Mancozeb is a Contact

Banana tree disease | Banana diseases and treatment

If you cultivated Banana then facing many problems, This article fully discusses Banana tree disease or Banana diseases and treatment. Banana Anthracnose It is the most important diseases. This mainly attacks the skin, flowers and distal ends of banana heads. The symptoms appear as large brown patches covered.  Damage fruits can ripen prematurely. The first

Advantages and disadvantages of inorganic fertilizers

Advantages disadvantages inorganic fertilizers– Inorganic fertilizers are known as a chemical fertilizer. These fertilizers are produced from deposits from mines or synthetic compounds. Soil rarely contains all the nutrients needed to support favorable plant growth. Inorganic fertilizers/ Chemical fertilizers are a quick-release source that is often found in the required nutrient plants. It is important to follow
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