Best fertilizer mango tree | Mango fertilizer requirment

Mangifera Indiana also knows as mango. If you farming mango then so many problems face them. This article I fully discuss Best fertilizer mango tree.

At first collect farm soil then sent Laboratory testing. The testing report looks where is the problem, then solve this problem. Otherwise, you can use the method-

Your farm soil PH range is 5.5-8.0 is very good. Climate requires is having good rainfall and dry summer the best for mango farming. Your soil PH range well and climate condition good then use this fertilizers range-

Best fertilizer mango tree

Fertilizers apply two times per year, first one June/July, second one October month. ( I discuss yearly fertilizers does but you can divided fertilizers does)

1st-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/ Vermy Compost apply 5kg, Urea 200-250gm, TSP applies 150-170gm, MOP applies 150-200gm.

2nd-year fertilizers do FYM/Compost/ Vermy Compost apply 10kg, Urea applies 300gm, TSP applies 300-350gm, MOP applies 250-300gm.

3rd-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/Vermy Compost apply 15kg, Urea applies 450-500gm, TSP 500gm, MOP applies 400-450gm.

4th-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 20kg, Urea applies 700-750gm, TSP applies 800-850gm, MOP applies 600-650gm.

5th-year fertilizer does FYM/Compost/ Vermicompost apply 25kg, Urea applies 1kg, TSP applies 1100-1200gm, MOP applies 800-850gm.

6th-year fertilizer does FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 30kg, Urea applies 1200-1250gm, TSP applies 1400-1500gm, MOP applies 1000gm.

7th-year fertilizer does FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 35 kg, Urea applies 1400gm, TSP applies 1500gm, MOP applies 1100gm.

8th-year fertilizer does apply FYM/Compost/Vermy Compost apply 40kg, Urea applies 1000gm, TSP 1500gm, MOP apply 1200gm.

10th-year fertilizer does apply FYM/ Compost/Vermy Compost apply 45kg, Urea applies 1700-1750gm, TSP 1500gm, MOP applies 1400gm.

If this plant 15tn years old then fertilizer apply FYM/ Compost/ Vermy Compost 55kg, Urea 1900-2000gm, TSP 150-1550gm, MOP1500-1600gm.

  • TSP full from- Triple Super Phosphate.
  • MOP full from- Muriate of Potash

best fertilizer mango tree

Nitrogen gives chemical fertilizer is– Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate.

Phosphorus gives chemical fertilizer is– Single Super Phosphate, Double Super Phosphate, Triple Super Phosphate, Rock Phosphate.

Potassium gives chemical fertilizer is– Muriate of Potash, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Potassium Permanganate.

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