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Best way potato cultivation guide for beginners The potato was first cultivated in South America seven thousand years ago. The botanical name is Solanum tuberosum, over the years potato has become an important crop for both farmers and consumers in the world.Fully discuss best way potato cultivation is the fourth most important crop by volume of production. It is high yielding, having a high nutritive value and gives high returns to farmers.

Best way potato cultivation guide for beginners

10 major point for health benefits

i) An excellent source of vitamin C

ii) Boost antioxidants.

iii) A good source of potassium

iv) Maintain Blood pressure

v) Feed your bones

vi) Only 110 calories per serving

vii) Control blood fugar

viii) Better brain functioning and nervous system’

ix) A good source of vitamin B6

x) Easy to Digest and skin care

Potato variety

Many countries are many varieties, I will discuss Top 10 Indian main variety –

i)Kufri Sindhi, ii) Kufri chandramukhi, iii) Kufri jooti, iv) Kufri Dewa, v) Kufri Babar, vi) Kufri Lalima, vii) Kufri Megha, viii) Kufri Ashoka, ix) Kufri Jawahar,  x)Kufri Sultej,

potato farming
potato farming

Climate requirements

Generally, potato is a cool season crop but it is adapted to wide range of climate conditions. It grows well in temperature between bay 200C-250C and night 160 C to 190C, Potato tuber growth reaches a maximum at 210C and decreases with temperature increase.

Soil requirements for best way potato cultivation

Potato can be grown in any well-drained soils which are rich in organic matter. It prefers slightly acidic soils but cannot tolerate alkaline soil. The PH range for potato cultivation is 6.0-6.5. Any micronutrients should be covered by the soil test results.

Land preparation

The land is ploughed at a depth of 24-25cm and exposed to the sun. The soil should have a higher pore space and after least resistance to tuber development well-decomposed FYM (25-30 ton/ha) is mixed will be soil during the last plowing.

Seed rate & seed treatment for best way potato cultivation

About 3000-3500kg/ha of seed is required.

Use carbon disulfide 30g/100kg of seed for breaking the dormancy and including sprouting of tubers.

Tubers potato seed

The cost of seed tubers and spread of virus disease can be greatly minimized by using ‘true potato seeds’. The hybrids developed by central potato research institute viz. HPS 1/13, HPS11/13, and HPS 24/11 are suitable for true potato seed production. The seeds are raised in nursery beds like other vegetable and seedling are transplanted 30 days after sowing. For raising one ha of the crop, a quantity of 100g seed is required.

Spacing for potato cultivation

Hilly areas where furrow method is followed, a spacing of 60cm x 30cm is maintained whereas in plains. Ridges distance is kept as 45cm x 60 reducing the in-row spacing to minimized oversized tuber production lead to higher quality tubers for fresh markets.

potato cultivation
potato cultivation

Irrigation for best way potato cultivation

Potato needs irrigation at frequent intervals, depending upon the soil and climatic conditions, usually 6 irrigation is sufficient. Pre-sowing irrigation followed by 5-6 light irrigation’s. Drip irrigation helps Indian farmers increase potato yield. Irrigation should stop a few days before harvesting.

Fertilizers in potato farming

Apply 15ton/ha FYM/compost/ vermin compost and mixed 2kg of Azospirillum can be applied in the soil when preparing the land for potato cultivation, The N:P:K requirement ratio is 120:50:225 kg/ha

Harvesting potato farming

When you should harvest depends on what type of potato you have planted. Early season potatoes take approximately 60-70 days to mature; mid-season more than 90 days. The potato plants leave into yellow color and easy separation of the tubers from their stolons indicate that the crop has reached maturity level. Allow freshly dug potatoes to sit in a dry, cool place (450-600 F) for up to two weeks. This allows their skins to cure, which will help them keep for longer. Collect potato’s very carefully most be taken for not injuring the tubers. Irrigation should be stopped a couple of days before harvesting.

Yield for best way potato cultivation

On an average 15-20 ton/ha of tubers can be obtained.


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