Turnip cultivation Information Guide for farmer

Best way turnip seed cultivation-Turnip vegetable are cool weather crops but avoiding the hot summer months. Turnips best tested when they come to harvest in cool weather. Turnip crop grown and can be ready to use only 5-8weeks from sowing. Turnip botanical name is Brassica rapa, family of Brassicaceae. A turnip is a while skinned root vegetable that is popular for human consumption and live stock feed. Best way turnip seed cultivation read this article below to know details about the turnip cultivation.

best way turnip seed cultivation

Health benefits of Turnips

1.Improve bone strength.

2. Glucosinolate Antimicrobial and Anti-information atari benefits

3. Promote bone health

4. Promote Digestion

5. Prevent cancer

6. Improve eye health

7. Improves skin health

turnip seed cultivation
turnip seed cultivation

Types of variety of Turnips

1.Golden Ball

2. Snow Ball

3. Shogoin Turnip

4. Seven Top Turnip

5. Purple Top white Globe

6. Early Milan red top

Climate requirement for Turnips cultivation

Turnips is a cool weather and moist climate condition. It requires temperature below 100 C for the seed to germinate. It must be cultivated in full son or semi shade. Rainfall  average 350-4100mm. Annual temperature below 3.6 and 27.40C

Soil requirement for turnips cultivation

Turnip green are easy to grow in any well drained soil. Highly fertile soil with PH 6.9-6.5 is best for growing turnips and rutabagas. A soil test should be taken and lime added as need.

Land preparation

Soils should be ploughed to a depth of 30-40cm to provide fine tilth. The soil should not contain any decomposed organic matter become the may result into forking of roots ploughings about 30cm deep. Application of FYM or decomposed  should preferable be done at the time of first ploughing. Avoid use of undecomposed or free cow dung as it will leads to forking of fleshy roots.

Sowing time, Spacing

August-September is best time for sowing desi varieties whereas October –November month is ideal for European varieties.

Use row to row spacing of 45cm and plant spacing of 7.5cm

Sowing depth – Sow seeds at depth 15cm

turnip seed
turnip seed

Seed Rate

For sowing of one acre land seed rate of 2-3kg is sufficient.

Before sowing seed treatment wit h Thiram@3gm per kg for avoid Bacteria and fungi.

Fertilizers for Turnip cultivation

Apply land preparation Farm year manure/compost 25ton/ha.

Apply N:P:K @ 80:50:50 kg/ha. The full does P, K and half dose N should be applied before sowing the seeds. The half N use two time – When plant was root formation and when root knot development.

Irrigation for Turnip cultivation

After sowing apply first irrigation it will help in good germination. Apply irrigation at the interval 6-7 days in summer and 10-12 days in winter month  and reanny season on need irrigation. If you  irrigated field, first look climate condition the apply Irrigation.

Harvesting turning cultivation

Harvest some turnips very early as turnip greens. The leaves taste best when your and tender harvesting carly types after about 5 weeks, main crop types after 6-10 weeks. Under cool and moist condition, roots can be stored for 2-3 days and if you store more 8-15 week then temperature below 0-50C

Yield for turning farming

Yield depends on the variety and soil type, climate condition, ‘Best way turnip seed cultivation’ average yield of 250-400qu/ha


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