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Bitter gourd is a very important vegetable, today I fully discuss bitter gourd pest disease management. If you fully study this article then completely pest and disease control.

Bitter gourd pest disease management  

At first duscuss Bitter gourd pest control metod.

Bitter gourd Aphid


The nymphs and adults suck sap iron from the leaves, tender shoots, and immature grains. As a result, the plants become yellow and the grains become light and of poor quality and the yield is materially reduced.


Spray 375ml of dimethoate 30 EC or Oxydemeton methyl 25 EC or Monocrotophos 36 SL in 250 liters of water/ha.

Bitter gourd Red pumpkin beetle

The adult beetle is mainly responsible for the damage in the bitter gourd plants. The red pumpkin beetle attacking the leaves, flowers, and fruits. Larvae live in the soil and feed on the roots and stem of the plant. Fruits and leaves are also damaged when they come in contact with soil.


i) Repellents, the pest gets repeated by ash or mixture of ash and insecticidal dust.

ii) Spray dusting with 5% Malathion @10kg/ha or Methyl Parathion 0.02%, or Lindane 0.1% @200-300 liters/acre.

iii) Collection and destruction of beetle in the early stage of infestation.

Bitter gourd disease management

Damping off

This is a minor disease. The seedlings are attacked at the ground level and the diseased portion is constricted resulting in falling of the seedling.


i) Treat the seeds with Agrosan GN or Ceresan wet @ 2g/kg seed. Thiram or Captan @3g/kg of seed also gives good production.

ii) Drench the soil with Captain suspension @2.5g/liter of water in case of heavy infestation.


Bitter gourd Powdery mildew

 powdery milldew

The Characteristic white grayish powdery coating is discernible on the surface of severely affected leaves. The leaves turn yellow and finally drop.


Spray wettable sulfur @2g/liter of water in case of heavy infection. Repeat spraying after 8-10 days if needed.

Bitter gourd  mites

The nymphs and adults suck the sap from the leaves and other tender parts. The infested leaves fall down and cause defoliation.


Spray 625ml of oxydemetion methyl 25EC or dimethoate 30EC in case 250-300 liters of water/ha with the appearance of the pest. Alternatively, spray wettable sulfur 0.05%

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