Bitter Gourd Plant information | Bitter Melon Cultivation

Bitter gourd is a very important vegetable for us. The Botanical name is Momordica Charantia L. and family is Cucurbitaceae. It is the most popular cucurbitaceous vegetable. This vegetable is a groud source of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B, and Phosphorus. It can successfully grow on elevation from sea level about 1200m. Let us have look at Bitter Gourd Plant information.

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Bitter Gourd Health Benefits | Bitter Melon Health Benefits

i) Improved Immunity

ii) Cancer Prevention

iii)Liver Tonic

iv) Blood Purification

v) Diabetes Treatment

vi) Lower Cholesterol

vii) Skin Benefits

viii) Weight Loss

ix) Vitamin K Source

x) Carbohydrate Digestion

Bitter Gourd Plant information | Bitter Melon Cultivation

Bitter Gourd Top Variety

Improve Variety:- MDU-1,  Priya, Hirkani, Phule Privanka, Konkan Tara, Phule Ujala, Phule Green Gold and many more.

Hybrid Variety:-  Rupali, Shaukeen, Paras, RK-163  and many more. If you want to know more Bitter gourd variety details then study this article.

Soil Required

Bitter gourd can grow all type of soil, but well-drained loam and loam soil are the best for Bitter gourd cultivation. Soil PH range is 6-7.5. Soil temperature for germination is 20-250 C.

Climate Required

It is a seasoned crop. Bitter gourd cultivated minimum temperature of 180 C and best temperature required 23-280 C.

The Season for Bitter Gourd Plant information

Mainly January to March for a Summer crop and June to July for the rainy season.

Seed rate

Approx 5-6kg seeds required per Hectare.

Seed Treatment and Sowing

Seed treatment with Carbendazim 10gm/ kg of seed or Trichoderma Viride 4gm/kg of seed.

Sow the seeds are 5seeds/pit. Difference between Row to Row 120cm and plant to plant 35cm for Staking System. And row to row 180cm, plant to plant 45cm  for Ground System.

Fertilizers Required (Bitter Gourd Plant information)

Basically required organic fertilizer 10 ton/Acre and Inorganic fertilizers required N: P:K – 25:50:50 kg /Acre.  But you can apply 10kg Compost or Vermicompost or FYM 10kg/ pit, Inorganic fertilizers NPK are 6:12:!2 gm/pit.  After 30 days then you can apply N and P 6: 6gm/pit.

Bitter Gourd Pest and Disease Control

We already discuss how to control Bitter gourd Pest and Diseases. You can study this article then fully understand.

Irrigation Required

At first irrigation before sowing of seeds. Then sowing of seeds you can Irrigation per one week.

Bitter gourd Harvest photo


Most early varieties you can start harvesting about two months after germination. Picked should be carefully and focused the vine may not be damaged. The harvested vegetable may be store 3-5days in cool condition.

Yield (Bitter Gourd Plant information)

Approx Yield- Improve variety 15-20 ton/ha in 140-140 days and Hybrid crops 45-50 ton/ha in 180 days.

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