Bottle gourd pest control | Pest management

We called Bottle gourd as a White-flowered gourd or Calabash gourd. The Botanical name is Lagenaria Siceraia and family is Cucurbitaceae. Bottle gourd is the oldest cultivated plant. If you bottle gourd cultivated then facing many problems so we discuss this article how to Bottle gourd pest control.

Fruit fly

The adults are reddish dark brown fly with hyaline wings and yellow legs with dark rust red, and black patterns on the thorax, The maggots are legless and measure 8-9mm long when full grown in length and are yellow and opaque. The fruits develop brown rotten patches. Infected fruits become unmarketable as they begin to rot and drop down.


i) Plough round the trees during winter to expose and skill pupae.

ii) Apply Carbaryl 10% per pit before sowing of seeds.

iii) After harvest dip the fruits with 5% sodium chloride solution for 60 minutes to kill the eggs.

Bottle gourd pest control | Pest Management

Pumpkin Beetle

Pumpkin Beetle

Pumpkin beetle is the most important pest of all cucurbitaceous crops. This pest damage only adult insects, which feed voraciously on the leaves, flowers, and adults. The grabs put the soil and feed on roots and stem of the bottle gourd plant.  Then the fruit touching the ground are destroyed by the larvae which penetrate into the fruit.


i) At first soil treatment with BHC, DDT, Neem Kernel or Dieldrin.

ii) Spray mixture of lime and calcium arsenate or Parathion 0.025% or Phosphamidon 0.04%.


This pest damage any Cucurbitaceae crop. High humidity season this pest is favorable to fast quality. This pest mainly monitored on the below leaves. Ants carry the aphids from one plant to another plant.


i) Spray Oxydemeton methyl 25EC @ 1.25 liters or Dimethoate 30EC @ 1.70 liters in 1200 liters of water/ha.

Epilachna Beetle (Bottle gourd pest control)

Epilachna Beetle

The yellowish colored grabs and an adult are attacks on the leaves and tender plant parts, then the leaves completely veinskeletonizedd to a network.


i) Egg, Grubs, and adults both are removed and destroyed.

ii) Spray Carbaryl @ 20-25 gm per 15 liters of water.

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