Brinjal Pest Control | Eggplant pest control

Eggplant and Brinjal both are same. If you cultivated Brinjal then facing many problems so today fully discuss How to Brinjal Pest Control or Eggplant pest control.

Leaf Eating Beetle

The yellow color grubs and adults eating leaves seriously. The reason for serious damage to the soft part of the plants and often appear in the number. The beetle chew holes in plant leave the are around 1/8 inches diameter. As the result, the leaves are completely skeletonized.


i) Collect then destroyed infected leaves.

ii) Fully watch grabs, adult and eggs destroyed.

iii) Spray Carbaryl @ 3-4gm/liter of water or Malathion 2ml/liter of water.

Brinjal Pest Control | Eggplant Pest Control

Eggplant Stem borer

The full-grown caterpillar is creamy white and has a few bristly hastily and their body tapers posteriorly. Presence of brown colored egg mass near leaf tip. The caterpillar feeds exclusively in the main stem and has never been observed to bore into the fruits. The Plant could be easily pulled by hand.


i) Remove and destroyed affect plant.

ii) Spray Neem seed kernel extract controls stem borer.

iii) Spray Malathion 50EC @500ml or Dichlorvos 100EC @ 300ml in 300 liter of water /ha.

Fruit and Shoot borer

The plant is effected in the first phase of the crop and the fruiting continues to the stage. The yield and fruit yield leading to a severe reduction in yield due to a serious damage. The crop loss begins soon after planting and the fruit continues till harvesting. Small pink larvae of pest initially bore into the terminal shoots resulting in withering and drying of the shoot. Larvae bore the fruits and make them unfit for consumption.


i) In the same piece of land, the continuous harvest of eggplant should be left over.

ii) All the oppressed flower buds, the proper collection of the crop during harvest.

iii) Continuous cultivated of eggplant supports pest infestation

iv) Spray Cypermethrin 0.5ml or Carbaryl 0.1%.

Jassids (Brinjal Pest Control)

It is a polyphagous pest and it serious damage by sucking the leaf.  Nymphs and adult pest sap from the surface and can be found on top of margarine. They are transmitted like macro plasma disease, such as mosaic. As the result sets are adversely affected due to losses.


i) Avoid overuse of Nitrogen fertilizers.

ii) Use yellow sticky traps to monitor sucking pest activity.

iii) Spray Malathion @ 0.1% or Dichlorvos @ 0.05%.

Mealy Bug

The Nymphs and adult are sucks from the leaves, tender shoots, and the fruit. Soup to their pale and week plant to suck. The harmful plants wilt and dry. Lots of insects during the rainy season.


Spray Malathion @ 625ml or Chlorpyriphos 0.05% in 300 liter of water/ha.

Eggplant leafroller (Brinjal Pest Control)

The moths are of medium size having bright orange-yellow color and bear a number of black dots on the wings. Moths are medium size having wing expanses 25-35mm. They are always found in the leaf fold and damage the folded leaves wither and dry up. The larvae also fold the leaves and feed on the green matter while remaining inside the fold and thus lead a secret life.


i) A direct method of removing and destroying the leaves rolled along with worms inside the damaged shoot.

ii) Removed and destroyed the folded leaves along with caterpillar inside.

iii) Spray Endosulfan 35 EC in 300 liters f water.


These are minute, polyphagous pests found in large colonies on the underside of the leaves covered with fine silky webs. They are described in expanded-oval, microscopic and deep orange colors. Both nymphs and adult sap between the veins undersurface of leaves and produce soft profuse webbing. It gives a chlorotic a[[earance and beats the leaves and flower prematurely.


i) Infected plant reduced in the field. The infestation subsides after sharp showers.

ii) Spray Dimethoate 30 EC or Oxydemeton Methyl 25EC in 300 liters of water/ha.

Root Knot Nematodes (Brinjal Pest Control)

Root-knot nematode damage is more harmful than saplings than older plants. Affected plant galls development on damage plant roots. The plants stunted and should the leaves chlorotic signs. Fruiting is adversely affected.


i) Crop rotation

ii) Apply DD-100 @ 230liters/ha or Nemagone-60 @34liters/ha

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