Brinjal Plant diseases | Eggplant diseases Identification

At first, told you Brinjal and Eggplant are same. If you cultivated Brinjal or Eggplant then facing many problems so I fully discuss how to control Brinjal Plant diseases or Eggplant diseases identification.

Sclerotinia Blight


The symptoms are mainly on cereals and branches. Sings are changed in host species, but there are many similarities in the mail, Initially. The water poured with an irregular shape appear in the fruit, leaves or petiole. The entire plant may be in form of infection in the stem. In addition to eggplants, it also contributes to tomato, potato, peas, chicken, and spices.When the fruits are attacked, rotating in meat and tissue, the syringe is seen. The rash rises in the form of sparks of the soil or plant destruction.


i) Collect and harvest all the debris from the plant.

ii) In the deep summer, the farmer ploughing should be done.

iii) Spray Bavistin or Ziram or Ferban has been reported to give some relief.

Brinjal Plant diseases | Eggplant diseases identification

Damping off

damping off

Damping off is a seedbed that is mostly seeded for plants or even when it is directly seeded.  The diseases are a Nursery bead disease. High soil, humidity, and moderate temperature, especially during monsoon, develops with high humidity. The fungus attack In the two phases as

Pre-emergence damping-off –  The small seedling dies before they emerge out of the soil surface.

Post-emergence damping off- After the exit the soil, the movement of seed in the infected seed is stopped at any time.


i) Cultural practices such as thin seeds, blight soil use, best irrigation of nursery beds, use of perfume fertilizers removed the diseases.

ii) Treat seed with Caption or Thiram or Agrosan @2.5gm/kg of seed before sowing.

Alternaria Leaf spot


The disease touches the characteristic leaves with centralized ring and brown with irregular spots are produced on the leaves. Several spots may coalesce to form bigger necrotic patches. The symptom of the affected fruit cause large deep-seated spots. Infected fruits become yellow and drop prematurely.


i) Remove and destroy the affected plant.

ii) Spray Bavistin @ 0.1% in the affected parts.

Verticillium Wilt (Brinjal Plant diseases)

This disease attack the young plants as well as the mature plants. The main symptoms of infection on roots and stems. Infected plants stunted in growth and do not come flower and fruit. Infected leaf displays the presence of yellow stains of scarring scattered on thin laminates. The roots of damaged plants become prolonged a characteristic dark brown demonstration if Xylem ships are observed.


i) Use resistant cultivars

ii) Crop rotation with potato, lady finger, tomato should be avoided.

iii) Soil application 0.1% Benlate gives effective control of the diseases.

Mosaic (Brinjal Plant diseases)

The symptom range from mild mosaic to serious stab, etching, and necrosis of the leaf tissues.  The disease is mosaic mottling of the leaves and stunting of plants. Infected plants bear a smaller number of flowers and fruit and fruit size are small


i) In the nursery stage controlled Aphid.

ii) Spray Phosphamidon @ 0.05% per 10 days in the interval starting from 15-20 days.

iii) Grow resistant variety

Bacterial Wilt

The bacterial wilt causes serious problems in the cultivation of eggplants. The symptom is yellowing, stunting, and Muktakeshi, foliage followed by the collapse of the entire plant. Vascular stem becomes brown and lower leaves drop before wilting.


i) Grow resistant variety

ii) Crop rotation with Potato, ladies finger, the brinjal should be avoided

Little leaf (Brinjal Plant diseases)

This is the serious diseases of eggplant. This disease is transmitted by the leafhopper. Ths leaf is early stage is light yellow color. This diseases affected the generally large number of branches, roots and leave smaller than healthy plants.The flower mainly distorted to sterilize the plant. Infected plant fruit is very heard.


i) In the initial stage, patients suffering from diseases.

ii) Sowing time can be adjusted to avoid the beet leafhoppers main plants.

iii) Spray Malathion @ 2ml/ liter of water.

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