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instrument used in seed processing

Instrument used in seed processing. INSTRUMENTS USED IN SEED TECHNOLOGY 1. Stick or Sleeve type seed trier :      This seed trier with different slots and chambers with and open system. This is used for seed sampling from different layers of seed lot.instrument used in seed processing 2.This type seed trier:          It is a

sunflower cultivation information Guide

Certified and Foundation Sunflower cultivation (Helianthus annus L.)       1.Land requirement : I)                    Selection of field should be done where sunflower was not grown in the previous year unless they were of same variety and were of equivalent or higher class and were certified. Sunflower cultivation selected plots should be well drained and the

sesame seed cultivation-oil seed

Certified (C ) and Foundation (F) sesame seed cultivation(Sesamum indicum L.) In sesame the sesame plays a major role in in seed production. The best season for sowing sesame seed cultivation is April to May. The reason for low productivity are severe weed problem (Trianthema portulacastrum) and sesame root rot which is prevalent in intensively

Wheat seed production technique India

Wheat seed production with cultivation method Certified ( C) and Foundation (F) wheat seed production (Triticum spp) Wheat is a one of the important cereal crop and India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world after china. In modern Agriculture in exploiting the full potential of a variety. The wheat seed production