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instrument used in seed processing

Instrument used in seed processing. INSTRUMENTS USED IN SEED TECHNOLOGY 1. Stick or Sleeve type seed trier :      This seed trier with different slots and chambers with and open system. This is used for seed sampling from different layers of seed lot.instrument used in seed processing 2.This type seed trier:          It is a

sunflower cultivation India | sunflower farming information

Sunflower is a most important oilseed throwout the World. It is a beautiful flower and a great health. Usually, sunflower seeds contain about  46-52 percent edible oil. Today I fully discuss sunflower cultivation India.  1.Land requirement (sunflower cultivation India) I)                    Selection of field should be done where sunflower was not grown in the previous year

sesame cultivation practices | Sesame seeds farming

Sesame cultivation practices– Sesame is an oldest oilseeds crops.  Sesame seeds oil content is 40-48 percent. Sesame oil seeds botanical name is Sesamum indicum, and its family is Pedaliaceae. Sesame seeds cultivated many color varieties Example is Red, Black, Yellow, and White( max cultivated Red seeds). Sesame seeds cultivation practices during the Kharif season in India.    1 Season:         The
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