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Types of Agriculture in world |types Agriculture World | Crop name

Agriculture is the collective term to describe the activities and processes that are involved in farming Basically. Agriculture is the most important human economic activity. For the best use of geological such as food, fuel etc, human employment, agriculture, land and water. Let us have a look at types Agriculture world.

The field of Agriculture production, where a person works for the interests of many other than himself.

Types of Agriculture in World | Types Agriculture world

There are many Agriculture types, I will discuss main/working types of Agriculture

  • Subsistence Agriculture

Subsistence farming

Subsistence farming is growing food for your own family, As a backyard vegetable garden. The farmers or their family produced grains for themselves or in the local market.

  • Intensive Agriculture

Intensive Agriculture using large amounts of labour and capital and use in the field large amount of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The one crop can be raised per year.

  • Shifting Agriculture

At first, chose the land, there growing the crop and after the harvest that crops they fire the residues and they grow next crop in other places.

  • Extensive Agriculture

Extensive Agriculture

This is the modern types of agriculture farming. Extensive Farming cultivation which uses less limited resources, such as labour, investment, machinery, etc. Due to the large land acquisition, production of total crop is high but less production of each unit.

  • Dry and farming

Dry land of Agriculture

Farming without irrigation in a grassland region. Only crops such as grains, that don’t require significant water, can be grown in dryland farming. It refers to all such crops which are drought resistant and can complete their life cycle without irrigation.

  • Wetland farming

Many areas are affected heavy monsoon rains and well irrigation areas, there cultivated Paddy, jute and sugarcane and collect beater result.

  • Commercial Agriculture

Commercial agriculture

The producer is farming with intent to sell some all production, they are participating in commerce thus the name Commercial farming.The Commercial farming profitable crop is cotton, Wheat, Corn and Sugarcane.

List of Agriculture Crop


Paddy, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Oat, Broomcorn, Various Millets, Canary seed, Teff, Maize and many more


Soybean, Sunflower, Flax, Sesame, Mustard and many more.


Mungo Bean, Lima Bean, Adzuki Bean, Lentil, Lima Bean and many more.

List of Horticulture crop

Fruit Vegetable

Ladyfinger, Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chillies, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Snake gourd, Watermelon, Bitter Gourd,  and many more.

Root and Tuber crop

Potato, Carrot, Radish, Dioscorea, Sweet Potato, Chinese Potato, Tapioca and many more

Green leaf crop

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Curry Leaf, Celery

Bulb Vegetable

Small Onion, Minor Vegetable, Bellary Onion.

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Best fertilizer mango tree | Mango fertilizer requirment

Mangifera Indiana also knows as mango. If you farming mango then so many problems face them. This article I fully discuss Best fertilizer mango tree.

At first collect farm soil then sent Laboratory testing. The testing report looks where is the problem, then solve this problem. Otherwise, you can use the method-

Your farm soil PH range is 5.5-8.0 is very good. Climate requires is having good rainfall and dry summer the best for mango farming. Your soil PH range well and climate condition good then use this fertilizers range-

Best fertilizer mango tree

Fertilizers apply two times per year, first one June/July, second one October month. ( I discuss yearly fertilizers does but you can divided fertilizers does)

1st-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/ Vermy Compost apply 5kg, Urea 200-250gm, TSP applies 150-170gm, MOP applies 150-200gm.

2nd-year fertilizers do FYM/Compost/ Vermy Compost apply 10kg, Urea applies 300gm, TSP applies 300-350gm, MOP applies 250-300gm.

3rd-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/Vermy Compost apply 15kg, Urea applies 450-500gm, TSP 500gm, MOP applies 400-450gm.

4th-year fertilizers do FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 20kg, Urea applies 700-750gm, TSP applies 800-850gm, MOP applies 600-650gm.

5th-year fertilizer does FYM/Compost/ Vermicompost apply 25kg, Urea applies 1kg, TSP applies 1100-1200gm, MOP applies 800-850gm.

6th-year fertilizer does FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 30kg, Urea applies 1200-1250gm, TSP applies 1400-1500gm, MOP applies 1000gm.

7th-year fertilizer does FYM/ Compost/ Vermicompost apply 35 kg, Urea applies 1400gm, TSP applies 1500gm, MOP applies 1100gm.

8th-year fertilizer does apply FYM/Compost/Vermy Compost apply 40kg, Urea applies 1000gm, TSP 1500gm, MOP apply 1200gm.

10th-year fertilizer does apply FYM/ Compost/Vermy Compost apply 45kg, Urea applies 1700-1750gm, TSP 1500gm, MOP applies 1400gm.

If this plant 15tn years old then fertilizer apply FYM/ Compost/ Vermy Compost 55kg, Urea 1900-2000gm, TSP 150-1550gm, MOP1500-1600gm.

  • TSP full from- Triple Super Phosphate.
  • MOP full from- Muriate of Potash

best fertilizer mango tree

Nitrogen gives chemical fertilizer is– Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate.

Phosphorus gives chemical fertilizer is– Single Super Phosphate, Double Super Phosphate, Triple Super Phosphate, Rock Phosphate.

Potassium gives chemical fertilizer is– Muriate of Potash, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Potassium Permanganate.

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Guava Fertilizer recommendation | Best fertilizers for Guava

Guava is common fruit in the world. Guava botanical name is Psidium guajava and its family name is Myrtaceae. Guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. If anyone Guava cultivated then facing any problem, I told you one by one. Today this article its fully discuss Guava fertilizer recommendation or Best fertilizer for guava trees.

If you first-time guava cultivated– at first work soil testing. Soil testing result recommended does yous fertilizers or otherwise, you can use this method.

Guava Fertilizer recommendation | Best fertilizer for Guava

If your soil PH range 4.5-8.2 it’s very good and best cultivated for Guava. Annual rainfall requires below 1000 mm between June0September. Guava fertilizers required three times of the year then deviated three part of fertilizers (Fertilizers use month is- February month-1/3, May- June month-1/3, and September month-1/3).

If your guava plant one- two years old then you can apply Vermicompost/ Compost/ Cowdung 8-10kg, Urea- 250gm, TSP-250-300gm, MOP- 250-300gm, Zinc Sulfate 25gm per plant.

When your guava plant age is three-four years old then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 16-18kg, Urea- 450-500gm, TSP- 380-400 gm, MOP- 380-400 gm, Zinc Sulfate- 35-40gm per plant.

When your plant age five-six years old then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 25-28kg, Urea700-750gm, TSP- 450-500 gm, MOP- 450-500gm, Zinc Sulfate 45-50gm per plant.

When your plant age is seven years plus then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 35-40kg, Urea 900-1000gm (1kg), TSP- 600-650gm, MOP- 600-650gm, Zinc Sulfate 45-50gm per plant.

Guava Fertilizer recommendation

TSP Fullform- Triple Superphosphate

MOP Fullform- Murite of Potash

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Top 10 Guava cultivated country in the world

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Pakistan
  5. Mexico
  6. Indonesia
  7. Brazil
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Philippines
  10. Nigeria

Best Gouva variety

Tropical White, Tropical Pink, Arka Rashmi, Arka Mirulula, Red Malaysia, TropicalYellow, Red Fleshed, Arka Mridala, Allahabad Safeda, Detwilx, China White, Beaumont, White Indian, Mexican Cream. If you want to buy Guava trees then goes there.

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If you have any Question Guava Fertilizer recommendation or  Best fertilizers for Guava trees then feel free ask me in the comment section in the below-


best fertilizer pumpkin | Health benefits

The best fertilizer pumpkin– Pumpkin is a very good vegetable for us. One sentence discusses that pumpkin is a large, round, orange-yellow, edible fruit with many seeds. Pumpkin scientific name is Cucurbita, and the family name is Cucurbitaceae. Pumpkins get their food from the soil. Pumpkins require more water than other vegetable plants. Pumpkins weight4-6kg and largest pumpkin weight are 25kg.


Pumpkin fruit is one of the widely grown vegetable incredible vitamins and vital antioxidants. Today I solidly discuss pumpkins health benefits-

i) Pumpkins are also a powerful source of fiber.

ii) Reducing the risk of cancer.

iii) Reducing blood pressure.

iv) Nutritional breakdown is- 1.76gm Protin, 0gm of Cholesterol, 49gm Calories, 12-01gm Carbohydrate, 2.7gm fiber.

v) Improve Immunity

vi) Boosts energy.

vii) Control blood pressure.

viii) Safeguards your heart.

ix) Improve thyroid function.

x) Pumpkin proved many anti-oxidant, such as vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E.

best fertilizers pumpkin

Best fertilizer pumpkin

You can use fertilizers, fast look type of soil, pH levels, amount of rainfall, and more.

Before planting, you can use compost or vermicompost or FYM ( Fast time field preparation). After the plant is established, you can use fertilizer low nitrogen and High phosphorus, and potassion 5:15:15 or 8:24:24 gm/plant every month.

Use another method

Apply Farm Yard Manure(FYM) or Compost or Vermicompost at 20-25 ton/ha, apply NPK at 35:25:35 kg/ton. Before pumpkin planting, you can apply full Phosphate and Potash, use half nitrogen. 30-35 days later you can be used half nitrogen in your field.

Where to buy pumpkin plants

i) Indiamart (Anywhere in India)

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