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Paddy Nematode control method | rice root knot Nematode

This article fully discuss all of paddy nematode control method/ rice nematode control method Paddy stem nematode The nematode feed ectoparasitically causing malformation of host tissue, stunting and wilting of plants. There are two types of symptoms, one is the swollen ufra, in which the panicles remain enclosed within the leaf sheath and there is a

Applying MultiGuard Protect Nematicide

Nematicide application method Nematicides .:-                            Actually, nematodes is a type of pesticides use to help control nematodes (roundworms). These compounds are usually quite toxic to humans, so must be used with extreme care. Neem cake is generally used to obtain nematicide.          Nematodes are little worms which atack crop plants, are
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