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Bottle gourd diseases management | Control method

Cucurbitaceae family Bottle gourd is a very oldest and very famous vegetable. It is also known other name like as Winter melon, Fuzzy melon, and White gourd. How to cultivated Bottle gourd and Bottle gourd pest control method we already discuss pleases study this article. So let start Bottle gourd diseases management. Alternaria leaves blight Alternaria

Bottle gourd pest control | Pest management

We called Bottle gourd as a White-flowered gourd or Calabash gourd. The Botanical name is Lagenaria Siceraia and family is Cucurbitaceae. Bottle gourd is the oldest cultivated plant. If you bottle gourd cultivated then facing many problems so we discuss this article how to Bottle gourd pest control. Fruit fly The adults are reddish dark brown

Brinjal Pest Control | Eggplant pest control

Eggplant and Brinjal both are same. If you cultivated Brinjal then facing many problems so today fully discuss How to Brinjal Pest Control or Eggplant pest control. Leaf Eating Beetle The yellow color grubs and adults eating leaves seriously. The reason for serious damage to the soft part of the plants and often appear in the
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