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Monocrotophos mode of action | Azodrin | Use pests | Formulation

Monocrotophos is an Organophosphate insecticide. Another name is Azodrin. This pesticide is principally used in agriculture. Letus have a look at Monocrotophos mode action. The Chemical name is  dimethyl-1-methyl-2-methyl carbamoyl-vinyl phosphate. PubChem CID   5371562 Molecular Formula C7H14NO5P Molecular weight  223.065gm/mol Monocrotophos mode action It is a Systemic and contact action pesticide. It works for an Acaricide. As

Zineb fungicide mode of action | Dithane Z-78

Zineb fungicide mode action– Zineb is an Agricultural fungicide. It is the Sulphur based fungicide. Group of Carbamate. This pesticide color is yellow mixed white. If you store much time working period then destroy the fungicide. Zineb fungicide mode action It is the contact fungicide. You can also use the spray in leaf, seed treatment, and soil treatment.

Mancozeb fungicide mode of action | Dithane M-45

Mancozeb fungicide mode action- Zinc, salt, and Manab fully mixed then made of Mancozeb. There are 20% Manganese and 20% Zink. Manab means is Manganese Ethylene Bis. Mancozeb fungicide mode action Mancozeb is a sulphur group dithiocarbamate non-systemic fungicide.  Manab is yellow color and water dissolved. Top 5 Advantage of Mancozeb i) Mancozeb is a Contact

  Acaricide products list / Acaricide products name with trade name

Acaricide is pesticides that kill ticks and mites, closely related groups of invertebrates. Acaricide products list is one poet of a strategy for controlling ticks around homes and should be combined with measures to reduce tick habitats.     An acaricide for tick control will include active ingredients like Dicofol, chorobenzilate, Fenson, chlorofenson, Tretradifar, Aramite, quinomeththionat. This

miscellaneous pesticide with Action/miscellaneous pesticide trade name

Miscellaneous pesticide with trade name   Pyrroles                   The pyrroles are represented by the lead compound pirate which is a board spectrum insecticide/acarecide. Because of different mode action ( uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation), it is effective against insects such as diamondback moth and tobacco budworm which have developed resitance  to many insecticides. Phenylpyrazoles                                Fibronil

carbamate insecticides chemical name/carbamate insecticides trade name

Carbamate insecticides with chemical name and trade name The carbamate insecticides  are esters of carbamic acid. Unlike organophosphates, carbamets are not struturally complex presently the volume of carbamates used exceeds that of organophosphates, become carbamates are considered to be safer than organophosphats.        1.  Calbaryl(C12H11NO2)-                                              Is a contact insecticide with slight systemic action. It
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