Chilli plant diseases | chilli diseases and their control

Chilli is a very good valuable crop. If you chilli plant cultivation then faces any problem. Today this article I share how to control chilli plant diseases or chilli diseases and their control.

Damping off

chilli damping off

Damping off is a seed born diseases. The seedling may be killed showing pre-emergence damping off. The stem is young may be affected by fungi.  The affected seedling top down, few days go the seedling may be die.


i) Follow rotation of seedbeds.

ii) Before planting fully treatment soil.

ii) Seed treatment with Captain solution 2gm/liter of water.

chilli plant diseases | chilli diseases and their control

Grey Mould

chilli grey mould

Found on a wide range of plants, is a fungal disease that quickly throughout your field. Grow mold in any part, including crops, gray, soil plants, pulses, leaves, flower, buds or fruit. This can be in place of throughout the whole plant. Infected parts of Chilean plant look for structures like tiny black seeds.


i) Seed treatment with hot air 380 C or hot water 50-540C for 2-3 min.

ii) Remove burn decaying infected plant part.

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Dark leathery leaf spots of various size develop on the leaves. Symptoms are found on leaves, stems, and fruits. Small round spots on the fruit skin and extended to the long axis of the fruit.


i) Seed treatment with Captan or Thiram 3gm/kg of seed.

ii) Spray Blitox 2-5gm/liter of water or Dithane M-45 2gm liter of water.

Bacterial soft rot (chilli diseases and their control)

This diseases caused by several types of Bacteria. It is destructive of fruits, vegetable and ornaments found worldwide. This diseases can be spread through insects. Diseases control is not always effective, but sanitary practices for production, preservation, and processing are something that reduces the spread of the diseases and protects the yield.

Bacterial leaf spot (chilli plant diseases)

chilli bacterial leaf spot

The size of the diseases is a disease is displayed in the form of small size. Irregular water sports at the bottom page of the leaves. This disease advances the color changes from dark green to purplish gray with the black center. The sports on the surface become depressed with a corresponding bulge on the lower surface.  The whole leaf dies because of many sports on the leaves.


i) Seed treatment with 0.1% Mercuric solution.

ii) Procure seeds from healthy fruits only.

iii) Avoid using overhead Nitrogen.

iv) Spraying Streptomycin should not start after the come fruit.

Powdery Mildew (chilli diseases and their control)

Typical light grey to white powder spots appear on the upper surface and later on the under the surface of the leaf blades, sheaths, and bracts. Infected plants become stunted due to the reduction in size and number of leaves, and produce poor yield. There are numerous small rounds of affected areas, and clithiusasia is formed in the dark.


Aureofungin 50 ppm also give good control of the diseases.

Spray Carbendazim or Tridemorph 0.1%

Mosaic virus (chilli plant diseases)

chilli mosaic virus

The mosaic virus is the typical symptom.  It is a yellow and dark green patch on the leaf surface. The leaf may be reduced in size, fruit is deformed and rough in size. Picking operation is a show to play a large of the disease spread. It is not transmitted through seeds.


i) Avoid of planting chilli close to tobacco, tomato, cucumber etc.

ii) The infected plants should be burned and destroyed.

iii) Spray 1 liter of Malathion 50EC in 250-300 liter of water/ha.

If you have any questions “chilli plant diseases” this topic then feel free ask us in the comment section.

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