Eggplant Planting guide | Eggplant growing Stage

Eggplant other name is Brinjal, the Botanical name is Solanum melongena L. family is Nightshade. Eggplant is a very important vegetable. Its cultivated country is China, India, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Italy, Philippines and many more. So let have a look at Eggplant Planting guide. It is a versatile crop that is adapted to various agro-climatic regions and can be grown throughout the year.

Eggplant cultivation field

Eggplant Health benefits

i) Help for Weight loss

ii) Aid in Digestion

iii) Prevent Anemia

iv) Prevent Cancer

v) Improve Bone Health

vi) Improve Heat health

vii) Improve Brain Function

viii) Prevent Birth Defect

ix) Maintain Blood Cholesterol

x) Beater Liver health

Eggplant Planting guide | Eggplant Growing stage

Eggplant Varieties

Bianca Eggplant    Graffiti Eggplant    Japanese Eggplant  Chinese Eggplant   Tango Eggplant   Santana Eggplant, Little green Eggplant, Thai Eggplant More deeply Eggplant details.

Climatic Requirement ( Eggplant growing stage)

The eggplant is a warm season crop, and therefore susceptible to severe frost. Low season crops are a deformation of vegetable and affect the fruit quantity.  It flourishes best during the warm growing season with a temperature range of 13-270 C. Eggplant seed germination well 23-260 C.

Eggplant Planting guide

Soil requirement for Eggplant Planting guide

The eggplant plants are grown all types of soil and well-drained soil rich in organic matter with PH of 6.0-7.5.The soil should be well prepared by 4-5 times ploughed. For the development of good root, which is important for plant growth, soil needs to be relaxed to a depth of six to eight inches.

Sowing Time & Seed rate

The eggplant sowing time is May-June, August- September, and December- January. Varieties seed are 400450gm/ha and Hybrids seed are 200250gm.ha.

Nursery bed preparation

Apply Neem cake 1kg, FYM 10lg, VAM 50gm, super Phosphate 100gm before sowing. For planting 1 ha required area 100 square meter.

Transplanting for Eggplant Planting guide

Planting is ready for planting 4-5 weeks when they achieve a height of 12-15cm and with 3-4 leaves.  Take care of the seeds without from the roots. Transplanting should be done during the evening hours followed by irrigation and firmly press the soil around the seedlings.  In general variety 60 x 60cm is the best specification and Hybrid variety required specification 75-80 x 60-70 cm.

Fertilizers required

Apply Compost or Vermicompost or FYM @ 20-25ton/ha at the land preparation. Fertilizers required N P K – 75:40:25 kg/ ha. Land preparation time you can apply half Nitrogen, Half Phosphorus, and full Potassium. After 30days (After Planting)  you can apply one four nitrogen and half phosphorus. Your plant will be 6o days (After planting) age then you can apply one four nitrogen.

Irrigation (Eggplant growing stage)

Field irrigation according to the requirement of crops. Irrigation is crucial for the timely development of good growth, flower, and developing fruit. Before irrigation, you can check optimum moisture level and soil fertility conditions. Hot weather time you can apply irrigation every three to four days, winter times apply irrigation every eight to ten days. In the rainy time, you can fully watch weather conditions.

Eggplant vegetable

Eggplant Pest and Diseases

Briefly discuss how to control Brinjal/Eggplant Pest and diseases.Pleases study then fully understand.

How to Brinjal Pest control

How to control Eggplant Diseases

Harvest (Eggplant Planting guide)

Eggplant should be harvest when they attain full size and color but before the start of ripening. Madness is the optimum stage of the collecting of fruits and fruits in bright colors and shiny appearance. When the fruit looks perfect, it is a hint of maturity and quality loss.

Yield from variance season to season and different to the different location.  However, in general, there is a balanced yield of 250-500 q/ha.

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