what is green manure crops

What is green manure-Growing green manure crops especially for there organic matter and ability to improve the soil, green plant tissues for the purpose of importing the soil fertility? Green manure crops are a  cover popular practice among many growers in the farming.

What is green manure crops?

Green manure crops are sown to cover bare soil after crop harvest. The term green manure is sometimes confused with raw manure, but the two not the same. Green manure is sometimes alternatively called a cover crop, are raw manure is animal.

Green manure crop will benefit the soil by providing cover to suppress weeds, will store should be nutrients preventing them from being washed out by rain and in some cases will actually add organic matter, Nitrogen in to the soil.

List of Green manure crops-

i) Sunn Hemp

ii) Dhaincha

iii) Pillipesara

iv) Cluster Beans

v) Sesbania

( This green manure crop are mostly used )

vi) Neem

vii) Mahua

viii) Wild indigo

ix) Gliricidia

x) Karanjit calotropin

xi) Avise

xii) Subabul

( This plant are used leaf green manure) more study 5 green manure crop you can plant heal the soil

green manure crops
green manure crops

Types of green manure crops

They are two parts-

i) Legume crop

ii) Nonlegume crop

i) Legume

Legume crop as a green manure is that Nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert into a form, that is available to other plants. Legume green manure provides a break in cereal and oilseed crop rotation to help minimize disease prewar. The green manure benefits from the nitrogen that is captured from the air and converted into that are copied from the air and converted into ammonium the nodules. Legume crops help ‘build’ soil structure over time, which increase aeration water infiltration and root growth, and helps decrease the risk of soil erosion.

Legume crop cultivation and their many problems, and is given below

i) It cultivated and very expensive.

ii) Legume crop rotation and minimized disease problem.

iii) Green manure crops can utilize moisture that may otherwise be conserved during.

Study: farm year manure

Best nonlegume green Manure is

i) Barly

ii) Bromegrass

iii) Buckwheat

iv) Millet

Study deeply nonlegume crops then click here

Advantage Green Manure Crops

i) Some green manure crop can fix nitrogen and key soil nutrients into the soil that they don’t leach out of the soil over the cold rainy autumn and winter months. Empty beds will leach nutrients.

ii) Green manuring checks weeds growth. The plants used for green manuring are usually, grow very quickly and thus, tend to suppress the growth of seeds.

iii) Green manuring helps in the repossession of the alkaline soil.

iv) Many green manure crops can help t break up heavy clay soil, those crop with a long tap root help to split large clumps of clay, making the soil easier to manage and cultivate.

The disadvantage of Green Manure crops

i) Due to improper decomposition, problems of insect pests and diseases may come up.

ii) A green manure crop may provide an environment for slugs and snails to breed in which increase their numbers.

iii) If rainfall is scanty, a growth of green manure crops would be less vigorous which results in less production of green matter.

iv) Green manure crop inclusive of decomposition period occupies the filed least 70-80 days which means a loss of one crop.

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