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Litchi is the most important testy fruit in the world, This fruit is very famous for its pleasant flavor and pulp. It provided a high amount of Vitamins, B Vitamin, Calcium, Protein, Iron, Manganese, Potassium, Manganese etc. Let us how to growing litchi tree. Litchi Botanical name is Litchi Chinensis, and family is Sapindaceae. Litchi cultivated top country is China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Australia and many more.

Litchi plant fruit

Top 10 Health Benefits of Litchi fruits

  • Provided Vitamin C
  • Aids Digestion
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Skin Protection
  • Anti-Inflammatory Agent
  • Aid Weight Loss
  • Regulation Blood Pressure
  • Create strong Bones
  • Provided Hair growth
  • Anti Cancerous

Growing litchi tree | Litchi tree information


Litchi farming well in the humid environment in the subtotal climate. The characterization of the fruit size and other fruits development by the humidity in the atmosphere. These fruit trees are not tolerated frost and it is best grown and yield for optimum temperature is 26-340C, yearly rainfall required 1200mm.

Soil for Growing litchi tree

It can grow any variety of soil. It is a deep dietary soil with the deep organic matter and it produces well with a strong force. Litchi crops cannot tolerate high pH and saline soils. Litchi cultivation soil pH range is 5.0-7.0 is the best.


Popular variety litchi is Souey Tung, Wai Chee, Sah Keng, Kaimana, Tai So, Bengal, Salathiel, Fay Zee Siu, Kwai May Pink and many more.

Litchi litlte age

Sowing time and Spacing

The best time litchi planting is May- June, this time can be help climate for establishing for the new plant, and you can cultivate also done in August- September, where there are irrigation facilities. The planting plant chose two years old plant.

The difference between row to row  8-10 meter and plant to plant 8-9 meter, this method planting then accommodated in the one-hectare plant are a 121-144 plant.

Sowing Depth  Method

Two weeks before planting the prepared 1 x 1 x 1-meter pad, the desired place was dug.The fill pad 20-25kg cow dung or Vermicompost, 2kg bone meal, and 300gm Mop. After filling it sprinkle some water, planting a plant in the middle of the hole.


It is a slow-growing crop required time 8-10 years for the commercial bearing. This time you can intercrop 3-4 years can be taken. As well as improving the soil condition, along with enrichment of soil, we also provide additional annual income for weed control. You can be intercropping Vegetable (Cucumber, ridge gourd, bitter gourd) and pulses are the best.

Fertilizers for Growing litchi tree

Litchi plant required organic manure for their roots for good growth. It is a well-established fact that severe shortages of NPK hamper vegetables and reproductive growth of litchi. Small-scale manufactures like Gene, B, and K also play an important role in litchi nutrients in the soil, especially flowers, fruit sets, fruit preserves and fruit quality. You can flow this chart

Age of PlantFarm yeard Manor           UreaSuperphosphate Murieta of Potassium
         1-3         10-30kg       100-300gm       200-300gm      100-150gm
         4-6         40-60kg       400-600gm       450-600gm     200-300gm
        7-10        65-90kg       700-900gm      750-1000gm     300-450gm
   10 Plus age          100kg         1000gm     1200-1400gm       500gm

Irrigation for Growing litchi tree

You can apply irrigation all stages of plant development.  For litchi fruit growing you can apply approximately 2-3 irrigations for 45-60 days. And summer month time you can irrigate after 12-15 days. Heavy rain following prolonged draught causes fruit to crack.


After the fifth year of planting, litchi trees start bearing. The yield continues to increase with the increase in tree size up to 20 years of age. The fruit bunch in the crop. When harvesting, take a little portion of the leaves and branches. If you can deliver local market harvesting is to be done when they start to turn pink.You can study world Based Litchi production report.

Growing litchi tree

After harvesting the colored of fruits depends on the size of the crop, and carefully removed damage and cracked fruits. Store litchi fruits at 1.6-1.70 C.  At this temperature, the fruit can be stored for 8-12 weeks.

Yield (Litchi tree information)

Litchi fruit depends on yielding on variety, climate, soil. On an average litchi yields up to 50-100kg per tree annually.


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