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Pumpkin is a very good healthy vegetable. Its Botanical name is  Cucurbita pepo L, and family is Cucurbitaceae. Today I am fully discuss growing pumpkins problems with control method.

Growing pumpkins problems | pest and disease control

Red pumpkin beetle

red pumpkin beetle

It is the most destructive pest of all cucurbitaceous crops. The damage to the plant is caused mainly by the adult insects which feed voraciously on the leaves, flowers, and fruits. The grubs of this pest remain in the soil and feed on roots and stem of the plant. Even fruits touching the ground are destroyed by the larvae which penetrate into the fruit.


i) Soil treatment with BHC, DDT, Endrin, Dieldrin or Neem Kernel also controls larvae.

ii) Spray a mixture of lime and calcium arsenate or Parathion 0.025% or Phosphamidon 0.04%

Fruit flies(growing pumpkins problems)

They are very small which insects and the top of the plants.


Spray 1.0 liter of Malathion 50EC in 200-250 liters of water/ha.

Powdery Mildew

The disease develops as a powdery mildew growth over the surface of the leaf, leaf sheath and floral bracts. The mycelium becomes dark with the age and later on a large number of round and dark cleistothecia develop on the leaves. The typical is the grey powdery surfaces lesions, scattered or completely covering the leaf blade with yellowing, browning and drying out of the leaf.

Management :

i) Spray Karathane three times at the rate of 0.2% at 15 days interval.

ii) Sulphur dusting at the rate of 15-20 kg/ha gives good control of the disease.

Stem blight

pumpkin stem blight

Stem blight is a fungal disease. The fungal damage the tissues of the stem at all stage of development.


i) Stem blight treatment must be started before you even plant the seeds to be entirely effective.

ii)Soil treatment with a mixture of Brassicol Captain at the rate of 10kg /ha gives good of the disease.

iii) Use certified disease-free seeds seedling can be infected without showing symptoms.

Blackroot (growing pumpkins problems)

pumpkin black rot

The symptoms may be seen in the seedling stage. The roots rot and plants show black of the lowermost leaves and finally wilting. The chief location of the injury is the underground part of the plants.

Downy Mildew

The symptoms appear on the upper of the leaves as scattered yellow to brown patches of indeterminate shape. The infected tissues soon die and turn brown. The white to the grayish violet downy growth of the fungus is covering the under the surface of the infected leaf from the early stages. The pods are also infected and the seeds are smaller in size and aborted.


i) Follow crop rotation and field sanitation by burning the crop debris after harvest.

ii) Crops may be sprayed with Dithane Z-78 or Dithane M-45 in case of heavy infestation.

Mosaic (growing pumpkins problems)

Pumpkin plants are attacked by different mosaic disease. The infected leaves show green and dark green mosaic. Faint yellowing in patches may be seen on the leaves. The plant is stunted and shows sickly appearance. The tuber size and number is reduced.  The leaves may show necrosis of tissues along the vein in some mosaic disease. The disease is spread in the field by insects which carry the virus from diseased plants to healthy plants.

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