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Guava is the most popular tropics fruits. It considered as one of the exquisite and nutritionally valuable and remunerative crops. Guava Botanical name is Psidium guajava, and family is Myrtaceae. Guava cultivated top country is India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Nigeria. Let us have look at Guava farming Techniques or Guava Plant Information. Guava is a relatively slow grower that develops fruit after 2 years. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, Pectin and a good source of Phosphorus, Calcium.

Guava plant

 Top 10 Health Benefits of Guava fruits

  • Diabetes-Friendly
  • Lowers Risk of Cancer
  • Improve Eyesight
  • Treats Constipation
  • Guava During Pregnancy
  • Good for Brain
  • Weight Loss
  • Improves Complexion
  • Regulation of Blood Pressure Levels
  • Prevent Stomach Problem

Guava farming Techniques | Cultivation

Climate Required

Guava can grow under tropical and subtropical climate. The rainfall needed 800-1000 mm from June to Last September and It can be cultivated under both rainfed and irrigated condition. Young plants are susceptible to drought and cold condition. Winter season-low night temperature best quality for guava fruits.

Soil Required

Almost all soils type soil suitable for guava cultivation, it is sensitive to waterlogging. Alkaline soil is not suitable for higher guava production and topsoil should be rich for a better stand.  Soil PH maintain then gives higher production, and PH range is 5.0-8.0

Variety for Guava farming Techniques

The popular variety is- Allahabad Surkha, Lalit, Lucknow- 49, Allahabad Safeda, Baruipur local, Harijha and many more.

The Hybrid varied is Kohir safeda, Arka Amula, Safed Jam, Purple Malaysian, White Malaysian, Benjamin, Mexican Cream and many more.

Guava flower

Land Preparation

Land should be prepared with deeply ploughed, and create a drain their excess water drain out. Removed all weeds in previous crops. At first soil testing then apply Organic manure in last ploughed.

Planting for Guava farming Techniques

The pits size is 0.6 x 0.6 x0.6m or big pit size 1.0 x1.0 1.0 m dimension should be dug the monsoon and after 20 days you should be the field with soil mixture 15-20 kg Organic manure and 500gm Singel Superphosphate.

Season and Spacing 

Planting should be done in rainy season, June- July is the best season or October – November moths depend on rainfall.

Guava plant spacing depends on variety, soil fertility, availability of irrigation. Standard spacing up to 6m x 6m (112 plants/acre), Traditional planting spacing up to 5.5 x 7.0m, Model scheme distance up to 4.5 x 4.5m and Commonly distanced up to 3.5 x 5.5m.

Guava Manure and fertilizers

The fertilizers required depending on soil fertility. Otherwise, you can apply NPK @ 110:40:40gm per year up to 3 years same does. The fertilizers divided two parts- one part applies January month and other parts apply August month. More information about guava fertilizers recommendation, you can study this article then fully understand.


Generally, irrigation water is not needed during the growing period, but 10-12 times per year supplied water then plant growth healthy. Guava mostly grows in the rainy daytime. Winter season time you can apply irrigation 20-25 days, and the summertime you can apply irrigation 10-15 days.

Drip Irrigation (Told us Guava farming Techniques)

Drip irrigation provided very profitably for guava cultivation, This method can save 60% water, labour cost. It is very useful in the low watering regions. Drip irrigation improves fertilizers efficiency and fruits quality.


Fast three years you can cultivate Pineapple, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Papaya, Tomato, chilli, Okra,  Beans and many more.

Guava Pest and Diseases

If you cultivated, then facing many problems as Pest and Diseases, we already discussed Guava pest and Diseases. Study this article then solve your problems.

Guava plant fruit

Harvest and Yield (Told us Guava farming Techniques)

Harvesting time depends on the variety. The fruits come in the 4-5 months after flowering. Winter crop gives better quality fruits then rainy season crops. Crop frequency for rainy season 2-3 days, and winter season crop frequency 4-5 days.

Guava yield depending depends on variety, soil, climate, irrigation, the age of plant and fertilizers. First yielding start third year with 4-5kg, after eight years later 100-150kg fruits per plant. The average guava fruit yields 25 ton/ha.

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