Guava Fertilizer recommendation | Best fertilizers for Guava

Guava is common fruit in the world. Guava botanical name is Psidium guajava and its family name is Myrtaceae. Guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. If anyone Guava cultivated then facing any problem, I told you one by one. Today this article its fully discuss Guava fertilizer recommendation or Best fertilizer for guava trees.

If you first-time guava cultivated– at first work soil testing. Soil testing result recommended does yous fertilizers or otherwise, you can use this method.

Guava Fertilizer recommendation | Best fertilizer for Guava

If your soil PH range 4.5-8.2 it’s very good and best cultivated for Guava. Annual rainfall requires below 1000 mm between June0September. Guava fertilizers required three times of the year then deviated three part of fertilizers (Fertilizers use month is- February month-1/3, May- June month-1/3, and September month-1/3).

If your guava plant one- two years old then you can apply Vermicompost/ Compost/ Cowdung 8-10kg, Urea- 250gm, TSP-250-300gm, MOP- 250-300gm, Zinc Sulfate 25gm per plant.

When your guava plant age is three-four years old then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 16-18kg, Urea- 450-500gm, TSP- 380-400 gm, MOP- 380-400 gm, Zinc Sulfate- 35-40gm per plant.

When your plant age five-six years old then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 25-28kg, Urea700-750gm, TSP- 450-500 gm, MOP- 450-500gm, Zinc Sulfate 45-50gm per plant.

When your plant age is seven years plus then you can apply fertilizers is Compost/ Vermicompost/ Cowdung 35-40kg, Urea 900-1000gm (1kg), TSP- 600-650gm, MOP- 600-650gm, Zinc Sulfate 45-50gm per plant.

Guava Fertilizer recommendation

TSP Fullform- Triple Superphosphate

MOP Fullform- Murite of Potash

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Top 10 Guava cultivated country in the world

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Thailand
  4. Pakistan
  5. Mexico
  6. Indonesia
  7. Brazil
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Philippines
  10. Nigeria

Best Gouva variety

Tropical White, Tropical Pink, Arka Rashmi, Arka Mirulula, Red Malaysia, TropicalYellow, Red Fleshed, Arka Mridala, Allahabad Safeda, Detwilx, China White, Beaumont, White Indian, Mexican Cream. If you want to buy Guava trees then goes there.

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