Lady finger vegetable cultivation

Ladies finger is a popular vegetable in India. This vegetable that keeps on going all summer long. Its related to the hibiscus plant and products similarly beautiful flowers. Lady finger vegetable cultivation family is Malvaceae, The Botanical name is Abelmoschus esculentus. Ladies finger /Okra/Bhindi are vegetable. The stem of the plant is used for the extraction of the fiber. Most lady finger vegetable cultivation country – Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Cameroon, Benin, Ghana and Saudi Arabia. The major okra vegetable India state are – Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Okra cultivated is profitable even for the small scale from owners.

okra cultivation
okra/ Ladies finger

Lady finger vegetable cultivation method

10 best Health benefits okra/lady finger

i) Control Asthma

ii) Prevents sunstroke

iii) High fiber control

iv) Prevent cotton cancer

v) Controls cholesterol

vi) Prevent kidney disease

vii) Stabilize blood sugar and prevent diabetes

viii) Maintain healthy heart and prevent heart disease

ix) Maintain strong bones

x) Prevents Gastritis

Variety in okra cultivation

MDU-1, Arka Anamika, Arka Abhay and Parbhani Kranti

Hybrid okra variety

Co3, coBhH1

Climate for ladies finger cultivation

Behind is a warm season vegetable crop and required a long worm going season. Ladies finger best results during the warm humid conditions. You need to ensure that the cultivation best temperature of 24-270 C. If the temperature dips below 200 C then becomes very different to their cultivation. Sunlight regularly to keep the soil uniformly moist and particularly more from the beginning of the flowering period and until the end of production.

Soil for ladies finger cultivation

The soil you used must be loamy and crumbly and it must be well drained. You should be quite aware of the fact you should not use saline soils, alkaline which is poor in drainage for this kind of cultivation. The soil PH 6-6.8 is good for okra cultivation. The land is prepared by giving 5-6 ploughings.

okra flower
okra flower

Seed Treatment

Seed treatment is very important for okra cultivation. Apply Trichoderma viride @4g/kg or Pseudomonas fluoresce 10mg/kg of seeds and again with 400mg of Azospirillum using starch as adhesive.

Seed rate

The seed rate for the summer season is 12-15kg /ha and rainy season 8-10kg.ha.


The ladies finger seeds 15-18 inches apart so they don’t look messy when they grow huge.

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Normally you can sow the seeds between the months of January to March(Winter season), June to August(Rainy season).

Land preparation

Land should be giving 2-3 ploughings to get the soil to fine tilth stage and any weeds from previous crops. Last at the ploughings the properly mixed organic manures.


Irrigation is very important especially at the time of flowering and fruiting of ladies finger growth. A regular irrigation schedule 350mm of water every 10days is recommended for maximum yields. Drip irrigation is most suitable for the crop at it provides uniform moisture throughout the season.

Manures and fertilizers

Apply 25-30 tons/ha used from yard manure FYM or compost or Vermicompost. The chemical fertilizer used 150kg each of N:P:K or 350kg superphosphate, 125kg Murate of Potash, 300kg of Ammonium Sulphate. One third does N and fully does P: K are to be applied as basal dose. After one month goes you can use half N, and flowering stage then you can be used last half N.


The vegetable is ready to harvest after 60-70 days of sowing. The vegetable should be harvested in the morning and evening. Harvested okra when it’s about 2-3 inches long. Delay in harvesting may make the vegetable fibrous and they lose their tenderness and taste.

Yield of Ladies Finger

The yield of Bhendi/okra/Ladies finger varies from 7500quintal/ha Rainy season. 5000kg/ha summer season. Duration is 90-100 days respectively.

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