Lemon diseases identification | Citrus diseases treatment

If you are lucky enough to be able to grow your own lemon tree but you can face many problems like soil problem, pest problem or diseases problem. So we actually discuss this article how to lemon diseases identification.

Lemon diseases identification | Citrus diseases control

Lemon Canker

Lemon canker treatment

Citrus canker is the Bacterial disease. This disease affects all the above-ground parts like twigs, leaves, thorns, older, branches, petioles and fruit. At first, leaves become small, round water soaked and yellowish spots on the leaves. This damage created by larvae that feed by creating shallow mines. The injury on the fruit is only on the skin and there is no effect on the pulp or juice. These fruits get less than market value.


i) Grow canker-resistant varieties.

ii) Prune the affected twigs before the monsoon.

iii) Spraying of neem cake solution @ 50gm/litre of water during the rainy season at 15 days interval.

iv) Spray 125gm Streptocycline + 62gm Copper sulphate in 1250 litres of water.

Citrus Scab

Lemon scab treatment

Citrus scab caused by the fungus Elsinoe Fawcett. The scab is caused by a fungus attacks the surfaces of the fruit and leaves. These symptoms occur on the leaves, twigs, and fruits. The scab pustules are a mixture of fungal and host tissue. These diseases come from fruit will not develop normally and the tree will undergo early leaf drop. The infected fruits become hard and often drop prematurely.


i) Removed the infected leaves and fruits.

ii) Spray Ziram 27SC @25% or Copper Oxychloride @ 0.35 or Dithane M-45 @0.25%

Damping of Seedlings (Lemon diseases identification)

Damping of the seedling is the very common trouble in the lemon crops. The main fungus attacks the seedlings at or near the surface of the taproot. The fungus lives in the soil and them primarily a problem in seedbeds.


i) Collected diseases free plant.

ii) Spray neem cake solution @50g/litre of water.

iii) Drenching of soil with 1% Bordeaux mixture is very effective.

Ring Sport

This virus appears as yellow rings on mature leaves. This ring varies one to leaf with variable diameter. The affected trees suffer significant loss of fruit yield and later decline with dieback symptoms. The virus is transmitted through the infected bud wood.


i) Use resident variety.

ii) Use virus free tree.

Gummosis (Lemon diseases identification)

This is also known as Phytophthora gummosis. The main symptom as water soaked large patches on the basal portions of the stem in the ground level. The symptom can be seen in fruit. These patches turn brown and the bark may split through which a gum stem, near the ground level. Dark water-soaked areas are formed in the bark and a sour smell may emanate from them in wet condition. At the last stage the dead bark dries, shrinks and cracks and patches may fall off leaving an open canker.


i) Decorticate and disinfect wounds on trunk either with.

ii) Disinfectant solution and cover the wound with.

iii) Apply Bordeaux mixture 1%

iv) Always keep the orchard clean. Prune unproductive dry and disease/ insect infected branches.

We also discuss how to growing a lemon tree indoor plant.

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