Maize cultivation process | Corn Cultivation information

Maize other name is Corn, it is a most popular Emerging crop. Maize plant knows as Blackbone of America, Queen of Maize. The Botanical name is Zea mays, the family name is Grasses. In India maize is the third important crops after Wheat and Rice. Maize can be grown throwout in a year in the most important Asian country. It is used as a raw material in many industrial products. Maize origin is Mexico and it is Caryopsis fruit, chromosome number is 2n=20. Maize male inflorescence knows as ‘Tassel’ and female inflorescence knows as Silk. Let’s talk Maize cultivation process.Maize cultivation

Top 10 Maize Health benefits 

  • Prevent Cancer
  • Protects your Heart
  • Control Diabetes
  • Protects Eye and skin
  • The best source of fibre
  • Helps Weight Loss
  • Source of Energy
  • Manganese Rich
  • Prevents Hypertension
  • May Prevent Alzheimers

Maize Production top 10 country’s

United States, Chine, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, India, France, Argentina, South Africa and Ukraine.

Maize cultivation process | Corn Cultivation

Maize varieties name

Commercial- Vijay, Amber, Jawahar, Sona, Kisan, Vikram,

Hybrid- Ganga Safed 2, Ganga 4, Hi-starch, Ganga, Himalayan 123, Rajendra hybrid Makka 2. More Details Study Maize variety name.

Seed Collect and seed treatment

At first chose the seed was pest, diseases and weed free, the seed should be the purchase reliable store or very famous store.

At first seed treatment with Trichoderma viride or Mancozeb M-45 or Carbendazim or Azosprillum.

Sowing Time for Maize cultivation process

Spring Season- First week of February

Kharif season- Last week of June to the Second week of July.

Rabi season- Last week of October to the second week of November.

Maize seed required for Corn cultivation

10-11kg maize seeds are required per hectare for maize cultivation

Sowing Method

Sowing 2 seeds per hill and plant to plant spacing 10cm.

Climate Required for Maize cultivation process

Generally, maize seed growth temperature between 22-300 C. and most tolerates as temperature as 350 C.  Maize crop rainfall required 50-90cm per year.

Maize field

Soil required for Maize cultivation process

Maize plant successfully grows done various soil as Clay loam, Sand loamy, and black cotton soil. For better production soil should be good organic matter content having high water-holding capacity. Soil pH range is 5.5 to 7.0

Land Preparation for Corn Cultivation

At first, all of the weed plant removed from the field, then 6 to 7-time ploughs. Second plough time you can also used lime and last plough time you can properly be mixed Organic manure as FYM or Compost or Vermicompost. Organic fertilizer does discuss in the manure and fertilizer paragraph.

Manure and Fertilizers

Apply 13 to 14 tons FYM or Compost or Vermicompost per hectare field.  Apply fertilizer NPK 30:40:20kg per heater. At first, you can be divided Nitrogen fertilizer fertilizers three part and Phosphorus fertilizers two parts. Sowing time you can apply one part Nitrogen or one part Phosphate and full Potash. After 25 days of sowing then you can apply one part Nitrogen and last part Potash and after 45 days of sowing then you can apply last part Nitrogen. And you can also use Zine, Iron, Manganese, Copper apply for soil test report.

Irrigation Required for Maize cultivation process

At first, Irrigation required sowing time, then irrigation depends on soil moisture. Mainly Maize plant required irrigation during 3rd or 4th days. Generally, up to 25 to 30 days, Maize cultivation process required less irrigation.

Weed Control methods

The measure weeds plants are Cynodon, Setarin glauca, and Sanwa. This weeds mainly attack in Maize cultivation field. You can apply Herbicide is Simazine then properly control field weeds.

Maze Yield

Harvesting and Yield

Generally, maize harvesting time is Mid September to October. When the green cover of the Maize crop becomes white in the field of crop soaking in the Cultivation.

Maize yield depends on variety, climate, soil, irrigation, Fertilizer and pest and diseases control. In an average maize harvesting yield 2500kg per hector.

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