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Monocrotophos is an Organophosphate insecticide. Another name is Azodrin. This pesticide is principally used in agriculture. Letus have a look at Monocrotophos mode action.

The Chemical name is  dimethyl-1-methyl-2-methyl carbamoyl-vinyl phosphate.

PubChem CID   5371562

Molecular Formula C7H14NO5P

Molecular weight  223.065gm/mol

Monocrotophos mode action

  • It is a Systemic and contact action pesticide. It works for an Acaricide. As soon as works and the works for continue.
  • This pesticide does not use Vegetable crops.
  • This pesticide use – Brown plant Hopper, Hispa, caterpillar, Green leaf Hopper, Aphids, Jasid, Thrips, Mealy Bug, Whitefly, Cut-worms, Green leaf folder and many more.
  • Monocrotophos pesticide using crops are Paddy, Maize, Oilseed, Flower, Tea, Coffee, Sugarcane, and many more.

Monocrotophos Formulation– 36%SL

Monocrotophos Dosage– 36%SL 1.5ml/liter of water. (1125ml/ha)

Monocrotophos Tradename– Azodrin, Bilobrin, Glore, Crotos, Phos 36, More-phos, Monocron, Susvin, Nuvacron-600 and many more.

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