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Nitrogen Based fertilizer– Nitrogen Fertilizer is a common fertilizer for the plant. Many plants prefer nitrogen in Nitrate from. Most of the used inorganic Nitrogen fertilizer are Ammonium Sulfate, Urea, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate. When applied in measured scales and through precise methods, Urea or Ammonium Sulfate becomes surprised at all crops and increases the quality of the crop by 4x.

Nitrogen Based fertilizer (Inorganic)

i) Ammonium Sulfate (20.6-21% N)

ii) Urea (44-46% N)

iii) Ammonium Chloride (25% N)

iv) Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (25% N)

v) Calcium Nitrate(15.6-25% N)

vi) Di-Ammonium Phosphate (18% N)

vii) Urea Ammonium Phosphate (20% N)

viii) Suphala 15:15:15 (15% N)

ix) Suphala 20:20:20 (20% N)

x) Iffco 10:26:26 (10% N)

xi) Gromor 14:35:14(14% N)

Nitrogen Based fertilizer


Inorganic Nitrogen based fertilizer details

Ammonium Sulfate [(NH4)2So4]

Ammonium Sulfate is a very important fertilizer for any kind of soil. Ammonium Sulfate is most widely used nitrogen fertilizer for Crop Production. It is high solubility provides versatility. It is a two-in-one synthetic fertilizer, elements Nitrogen, and Sulfur. Nitrogen percentage is 206-21%.

Urea [Co(NH2)2]

Urea is the richest source of nitrogen among the common fertilizers. Urea a white crystalline solid containing. One common impurity urea fertilizer which can be broken down in the soil after a long period. Urea fertilizer ratio of nitrogen 44- 46%. If you use urea fertilizer then quickly result in the plant.

Ammonium chloride [NH4cl]

Ammonium chloride 25% Nitrogen-based fertilizer. Calcium chloride increases the cadmium concentration in crops. This fertilizer has chlorine present, and also improve micro-nutrient, improve root for the plant. Ammonium chloride fertilizer recommended for saline and alkaline soil.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate [Ca(NH4cl]

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is an universal nitrogen fertilizer. Its gives to Nitrogen 25-27% and gives some sulfur and Boron. It’s the suitable application during the summer and winter season. It enables plants to grow wide leaves of rice green color.

Calcium Nitrate [Ca(No3)2]

Calcium Nitrate provides  Nitrogen, calcium and it is used for liquid fertilizers.  It is commonly used the source of Nitrogen. It directly affects the salinity expenditure in plant cells and activates potassium regularly for opening and stopping the stem from the plant.

Nitrogen Based fertilizer (Organic fertilizer)

i) Poultry Manure

ii) Blood Meal (N-13)

iii) Fish Emulsion (9%)

iv) Crab Meal (5%)

v) Compost Manure (1%)

vi) Feather Meal (12%)

vii) Alfalfa Meal (2.75)

viii) Soybean Meal (7%)

ix) Cottonseed Meal (7%)

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