Top 6 okra pest control management

Okra is an important vegetable all over the world. If you okra cultivated then many pest attacks then how to manage pest I will be writing okra pest control this article is given below-

Okra pest control with management method


The adult hoppers are greenish yellow during summer while reddish in winter. They are wedge-shaped. Both the nymphs and adults suck sap from the leaves and tender plant parts and secrete some toxic material. The leaves turn pale and curl upward. The leaves exhibit a burnt appearance and fall down in case of service infestation.


i) Spray once or twice at fortnight interval with 1.4 liters of malathion 50EC in 250-300 liters of water/ha.

ii) Apply 20kg of phorate 10G at sowing in furrows or spray twice at fortnight interval starting 15 days after sowing with 625ml of dimethoate 30EC in 250-300 liters of water/ha.

Spotted bollworms

Spotted bollworms

The month has a yellowish head and thorax. The forewings are a pale while and have a broad, wedge-shaped, greenish band in the middle. In case of E. insulana, the forewings are completely green. The larvae bore into the shoots, flower buds, flowers and fruits and cause service shedding of the fruits of killing the plants. The affected fruits become distorted and unfit for human consumption.


i) Grow resistant varieties like kalyanpur Boni.

ii) When 20-30% shoots show borer damage, spray the crops with 1.0 liter of fenitrothion 50 EC or monocrotophos         36 SL in 250-300 liters of water/ha.

Red cotton bug

The adult bug is about 1.5cm long. The membranous portion of the wings is back in color. A series of white transverse bands are present on the ventral side of their abdomen. There is also a black spot in each forewing. Both the nymphs and adults suck sap from the leaves and tender plant parts. They damage the fruits also.


i) Dust the plants with lindane 2% @ 20-25kg/ha before fruit set.

ii) Spray the plants with endosulfan 35 EC @ 1.5ml/liter of water.


white fly

The adults suck the sap of the leaves and transmit the yellow vein mosaic of okra. The virus disease spreads to many plants if this vector is not controlled.


i) Spraying schedule for jassids will take care of this pest also.

Red spider mites (okra pest control)

The nymphs and adults suck the sap from the leaves and other tender parts. The infested leaves fall down and cause defoliation.


Spray 625ml of oxydemetion methyl 25EC or dimethoate 30EC in case 250-300 liters of water/ha with the appearance of the pest. Alternatively, spray wettable sulfur 0.05%

Root-knot nematode

The typical symptom develops on the roots in the form of roots or galls. The main root and the laterals bear spherical to elongated galls which vary in size from very small to very large. The plants remain pale, stunted and bear fewer fruits.


Apply DD into the infested soil @ 200 liters/ha before sowings or Nemagon @ 30litres/ha with irrigation water.

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