Onion cultivation

onion plant cultivation guide– The onion is one of the important crops in India and very generally grows in farmers. Onion belongs to the family is Amaryllidaceae with botanical name Allium cepa. In the world onion plant cultivation guide/onion cultivation total area North America, Japan, Spain, Canada etc, and India is growing in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana.

onion plant cultivation guide

onion cultivation
onion cultivation

10 major Onion health benefits

i) Prevent cancer

ii) Treat Heart Ailments

iii) Boost Immunity

iv) Give vitamin A

v) Prevent Diabetes

vi) Improve immunity

vii) Lowers cholesterol

viii) Lowers blood pressure

ix) Bone Density

x) Anti Inflammatory

Required climate (onion plant cultivation guide)

Onion is the cool season crops. It is grown during winter season and harvest before the real hot season begins. It is adapted to the temperature range of 13-240 C for vegetable stage and 16-210 C for the bulbing stage, 30-350 C maturity to harvest.


Kharif  season              May-September

Late Kharif season      August-February

Rabi season                 October-April

Seed quantity for onion cultivation

The onion seed require is 8-10kg/ha  (1ha= 2.48 acres)

Seed treatment – Seeds can be treated with Azaspirillum@400gm/kg,  Apply VAM 1kg/sq.m in the beds.

Soil required for onion farming

Onion can be grown in all types of soils such as sandy loam, clay loam, silt loam and heavy soils. The soil for successful onion cultivation in deep, friable loom and alluvial soil with good drainage, moisture holding capacity and sufficient organic matter. The soil PH is 5.8-7.5

Land preparation for onion farming

The soil should be prepared to give by 6-5 ploughings to make friable. Supplement the field with 25 tons of Fym or vermicompost in the last ploughing.

Irrigation onion plant cultivation guide

Most onions require about 30 inches of water per season to grow a good crop with drip irrigation. After transplanting the plant, irrigation should be given for proper establishment. The drip irrigation is to provide about 0.3-0.4 inches/day or flat irrigation should be given weekly interval. Fast look the soil will be overly dry around an under-watered crop and check may become. Irrigation should be stopped 15-20 days before attaining maternity for important the keeping quality of bulbs.

Study: Onion pest and disease Management

Weed control

The crop should be kept weed free for good production yield and loss fertilizers. If any wed come then apply Fluchloralin @1.0kg/ha or Pendimethalin @3.5lit/ha.


Follow harvesting of onion bulbs at the right stage of maturity. It is important in deriding storage life of onion as bulbs may be should for about six months when about 50% neck happens, onion crop can be the harvest.

onion flower
onion flower

Yield of onion

On an average, the crop yields about –

Kharif                  12-20 ton/ha

Late Kharif        30-34ton/ha

Rabi                      26-30ton/ha

Marketing ‘onion plant cultivation guide’

Marketing is very easy, when onion harvested then you can supply to local market, cold store, retail stores etc.

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