Chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides chemical name, trade name

The chlorinated Hydrocarbon pesticides in the environment has become a matter of considerable interest throughout the world. There movement through on ecosystem is explained by there solubility characteristics and chemical stability. The chlorinated hydrocarbon chemical name and trade name discuss are given below- Chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides  DDT(Dichloro-diphenyl-tri-chloroethane)-                                                                          It is


SYNTHETIC PYRETHROIDS:- Cypermethrin:-                        It is sold under the trade names of Ripcord, Cymbush, Cyperkill,etc. and is available as emulsifiable concentrate. It is applied at the rate of 50 g.a.i. per ha in low concentrations on cotton, arhar, sugarcane, gram, lentil,coffee, etc. It is effective against the bollworm complex of cotton, pod borers of arhar, gram,


HYDROCARBON OILS      The constituents of the oils are solely of hydrogen and carbon. Two groups, Viz. mineral (petroleum) oils and coal-tar oils are recognized. The mineral oils or peteroleum oil are derived from sedimentary rocks. Kerosene, lubricating oils,tar,asphalt and other mixture are derived from them. Among coal-tar oils,creosote oil and green oil or anthracene


INSECTICIDES OF PLANT ORIGIN Nicotinesulphate:–                              It is extracted from the leaves and stems of tobacco (Necotiana tabacum and N. rustica). It is used against sucking insects such as aphids, mealy bugs, psylids and jassids. This is mostly used on the crops where residue is undesirable. It is available in 40 per cent necotine sulphate concentrate


A. INSECTICIDES:-  (1) INORGANIC COMPOUNDS (a) Arsenic Compounds  Lcad arsenate-.                        Basic lead arsenate and Acidlead arsenate . It is sold as a wettable powder containing 14 to 30 per cent arsenic in the from of pentoxide and about 60 per cent in the from of oxide. As a dust, it is diluted with take, hydrated

Classification pesticide | list of pesticides used in agriculture

Classification Pesticide use in Agriculture-The pesticides can be grouped in various ways,viz. according to the mode of their entry (stomach poisons, contact poisons and fumigants), classification pesticide use in Agriculture their mode of action ( physiological poisons, protoplasmic poisons, respiratory poisons and nerve poisons ) or according to their chemical composition. As an insecticide may
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