A. INSECTICIDES:-  (1) INORGANIC COMPOUNDS (a) Arsenic Compounds  Lcad arsenate-.                        Basic lead arsenate and Acidlead arsenate . It is sold as a wettable powder containing 14 to 30 per cent arsenic in the from of pentoxide and about 60 per cent in the from of oxide. As a dust, it is diluted with take, hydrated

Classification pesticide | list of pesticides used in agriculture

Classification Pesticide use in Agriculture-The pesticides can be grouped in various ways,viz. according to the mode of their entry (stomach poisons, contact poisons and fumigants), classification pesticide use in Agriculture their mode of action ( physiological poisons, protoplasmic poisons, respiratory poisons and nerve poisons ) or according to their chemical composition. As an insecticide may

Pesticides and there Application

                INTRODUCTION :-  Thousands of compounds have been synthesized and tested for their pesticidal properties. Quite few are application in market. Those which are finally accepted have to be subject to certain rigorous tests. A good pesticides should be cheap to produce and potent against insect pests. It should not endanger the health of

জৈব ও অজৈব সার

    জৈব ও অজৈব সার [Manures And Fertilizers]   Ø Syllabus: Manures and fertilizers: Role of manures and fertilizers in crop production, important manures and fertilizers: compost, farm yard manures, green manure, oil cake, ammonium sulphate, urea, calcium, ammonium nitrate, super phosphate, potassium sulphate, mixed fertilizers-their properties and uses সূচনা (Introduction): জমিতে ক্রমাগত চাষ,
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