Onion cultivation

onion plant cultivation guide– The onion is the one of the important crops in India and very generally grows in farmers. Onion belong to family is Amarylidaceae  with botanical name Allium cepa. In the world onion plant cultivation guide/onion cultivation total area North America, Japan, Spain, Canada etc, and India is growing in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab,

onion pest and disease management

Today discuss this article how to control onion pest and disease with there management method. The onion pest disease management is given below- Onion pest disease management Onion pest management Onion thrips There thrips are minute insects with fringed wings. The adults are slender, yellow, active and pointed at both the ends. The insects lacerate

Bio fertilizers: Types, Benefits and Applications Agriculture

Bio fertilizers: Types, Benefits and Applications Agriculture– One of the major concerns in today world is the pollution and contamination of soil. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has caused tremendous harm to the environment. So environmentalists are pressing for switch over to organic farming. Organic farming is the raising of unpolluted crop through

what is green manure crops

What is green manure-Growing green manure crops especially for there organic matter and ability to improve the soil, green plant tissues for the purpose of importing the soil fertility. Green manure crops is a  cover popular practice among many growers in the farming. What is green manure crops? Green manure crops sown to cover bare

cauliflower cultivation process information guide- Growing cauliflower

Cauliflower cultivation process information guide the most important vegetable in the world. Cauliflower cultivation process requires to 50-90 day’s. Cauliflower common name is Gobi, Scientific name is ‘Brassica oleracea’ and belong to cruciferaceae family. Cauliflower is a cool-weather half-hardy biennial grown as an annual. Broccoflower is a hybride cross between a cauliflower and a broccoli,