Better quality farm yard manure production method

Manures are plant and animal wastes that are used as source of plant nutrients. They release nutrients after there decomposition. The art of collecting and using wastes from animal, human and vegetable source for improving crop productivity is as old as agriculture. Farm yard Manure with low nutrients content per unit quality have longer residual

control method cabbage disease there management

Cabbage disease management– The common name of plant pest, cabbage disease management often reflect the type of symptom they cause. If you identify the symptoms you may be also to successfully take steps to limit the cabbage disease. Here are the most common cabbage disease and there management. Cabbage disease management there control 1 Club

Cabbage worm and cabbage pest there management

Now common throughout the India, important method cabbage worm control does a great damage to brassica and other cabbage family crops in fields and garden where it gains a foothold. Although the larvae of this green pest more sluggishly. It is extremely destructive, especially later in the growing season where population can build significantly. Here