Papaya plant information guide

Papaya plant information-The papaya is one of the important delicious fruits crop grown in the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Total papaya annual world production is estimated at 6 million tones of fruits, India leads the world in papaya production with an annual of about 3 million tonnes. Papaya plant information– family name is

Papaya pest and disease control method

Papaya tree disease treatment– The plants are not affected by any serious pest. Birds damage the fruits for which bird scaring by mechanical means is a very effective method of control. Sometimes mites, whiteflies, fruit flies and stem borers cause damage. Below we look at some of the Papaya tree disease treatment and papaya trees pest

Greenhouse Cucumber cultivation

Cucumber farming in India becomes more and more popular. Greenhouse Cucumber cultivation does not require any special farming skills. Cucumber farming is low maintenance high- yielding plants once you following is Cucurbitaceae, botanical name is Cucumis sativus. greenhouse cucumber cultivation study 10 Best Health Benefits of cucumber i) Give vitamin A, B,c and k ii)

Onion cultivation

onion plant cultivation guide– The onion is one of the important crops in India and very generally grows in farmers. Onion belongs to the family is Amaryllidaceae with botanical name Allium cepa. In the world onion plant cultivation guide/onion cultivation total area North America, Japan, Spain, Canada etc, and India is growing in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana.

onion pest and disease management

Today discuss this article how to control onion pest and disease with there management method. The onion pest disease management is given below- Onion pest disease management Onion pest management Onion thrips Their thrips are minute insects with fringed wings. The adults are slender, yellow, active and pointed at both the ends. The insects lacerate the
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