Pumpkin Planting guide | Pumpkin Cultivation information

Pumpkin is a very popular vegetable in the world. It cultivated in the summer and rainy season. It is the round and long shape. This vegetable use daily cooking and preparation sweet. Pumpkin botanical name is Cucurbita maxima, and family is Cucurbitaceous. Let us have look at Pumpkin Planting guide or Pumpkin cultivation information.  Top country pumpkin cultivation is China, India, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States and many more country’s.This vegetable young stem, leaves, and flowers have used many medicinal properties.

Pumpkin cultivation

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

  • It protects your eyes
  • It protects your prostate
  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Lower Cancer Risk
  • It helps for Weight Loss
  • Boosts Immunity
  • It maintains Hearth Health
  • It helps Diabetes
  • It prevents skin
  • Boosts Male Sexual Health

Pumpkin Planting guide | Best way to plant pumpkins


It is a hot seasonal crop but it can prevent cold weather. Pumpkin needs minimum temperature 180 C in an early stage, Pumpkin cultivation temperature required is 24-280 C.

Soil for Pumpkin Planting guide

This vegetable growing all types of soil, but clay loam and sandy loam soil is the best for pumpkin cultivation. Soil pH range is 6-7.

Best Pumpkin Variety

Hybrid Variety– PPH-1, PPH-2, PAU Magah Kaddo-1, Punjab Samrat and many more.

Other top variety– Arka Chandan, Arka Suryamukhi, Saras, Suvarna, Ambili, TCR 011, CO2

If you know more Pumpkin variety then study this article.

pumpkin seed

Sowing Time and Spacing

Pumpkin plant grows during the period from January to March and September to December. Rainfed crop sowing during the period of May to June.

Directed sowing method is the best method of pumpkin sowing. Sow 3-4 seeds per pit and spacing 3 x3m and deep 1 inches in the soil.

Seed Required for Pumpkin Planting guide

Generally 1.5-2kg of pumpkin seeds sufficient enough for one-hectare pumpkin cultivation. After sowing the seeds at first seed treatment with Benlate or Bavistin @ 2.5gm per kg of seeds.

Fertilizers required

Apply Compost or Vermicompost or Farm yard manure at 20-25 ton per hector, and NPK is 50:25:25 per hector. Apply half Nitrogen and full Phosphorus and Potassium in land preparation.  After 30 days of sowing, you can apply half Nitrogen. More details are known then study Best fertilizer pumpkin article.


Poper irrigation at proper intervals of time is required. Irrigation required after seed sowing. During the initial stage of growth irrigation at 3-4 days interval and alternate days flowing/fruits. Rainy season time drainage is essential for plant survival and growth.

Pumpkin Planting guide

Pumpkin pest and Diseases

We already discuss that please study this article their share facing all growing pumpkin problems share

Harvesting and Yield (Pumpkin Planting guide)

Crop harvesting is mainly done when the fruit’s color in brown place and the inner flesh becomes golden yellow color. Mature fruits having good storage capacity then used for long distance transportation.

Pumpkin yield depends on variety, soil, climate and plant management. An average yield of pumpkin expected up to 25-30 ton per hector.

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