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Ridge gourd disease management– Ridge gourd is a very good vegetable for us. If you have regularly eaten this vegetable, your health is more batter.
One day I am full discuss ridge gourd cultivation information, if you don’t study this article so please study this article then fully understand the ridge gourd cultivation method.
If you ridge gourd cultivation properly then you have to earn enough money, because of ridge gourd vegetable some time attack pests and diseases. You regularly watch field then no more losses(pest and diseases) your field. Today I discuss ridge gourd disease management-

Ridge gourd disease management

Ridge gourd powdery mildew

ridge gourd powdery mildew
ridge gourd powdery mildew

Typical light grey to white powder spots appear on the upper surface and later on the under the surface of the leaf blades, sheaths, and bracts. Infected plants become stunted due to a reduction in size and number of leaves, and produce poor yield. Numerous small round, dark cleistothecia develop on the affected areas.

Management :

  1. Grow resistant varieties (TL 1210, NP710, Np718, K53, E750, and C591).
  2. Burn the crop refuse in the field after harvesting.
  3. Spray fungicide mixture of 16 parts Dithane M-45 and 4 parts Karathane 25WP @ kg/ha in 800-1000 liters of water. For this make a solution of 8 g Dithane M-45 and 2g Karathane 25 WP per 5 liters of water. About two to three sprays should be given at an interval of 10-15 days if the losses are expected to be very high.

ridge gourd downy mildew

ridge gourd downy mildew
ridge gourd downy mildew

Downy mildew is a serious disease in the ridge gourd vegetable. It is caused by the fungus-like water mold pesudoperonspure cubensis.

Downy mildew can affect as small yellow spots or water-soaked lesions on the topside of older leaves, the result is photosynthetic area causes stunting of plants, reduced yields, and sunscalding of the fruits following defoliation.


i) Transplanting time ensure that the transplants are free from disease.

ii) Consider washing equipment and tools before moving the field to another.

iii) Spray plants with Mancozeb @ 2gm/liter of water.

Ridge gourd plant caterpillar

ridge gourd caterpillars
ridge gourd caterpillars

The caterpillar cut the seedlings at ground level. In case of heavy infestation, resowing may be necessary. Climbing cutworms damage to the young plants.


i) Dust 2% Lindane on the soil around the plants @ 25kg/ha.

ii) A dusting of 5% Lindine @35kg/ha gives good control of the pest.

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