snake gourd cultivation methods with very good technique

Snake gourd is a very Important vegetable. Today I am discussing with you snake gourd cultivation methods.This vegetable native to southeastern Asia but cultivated throughout the world for its coved. It is extensively grown in south India where it is used to prepare many mouthwatering diseases. Snake gourd botanical name is Trichosanthes cucumerina and its family is Cucurbits.

snake gourd cultivation
snake gourd cultivation

Snake Gourd cultivation methods in world

10 best Health benefit of Snake Gourd

i) Reduces Fever

ii) Stop hair loss and skin protect

iii) Controls Diabetes

iv) Reduces stress

v) Control Heart problems

vi) Maintain calories

vii) Weight loss

viii) Aids in detoxification

ix) During pregnancy

x) Gate more vitamin C

Season for snake gourd farming

July and January are highly suitable for cultivation.

Indian Local name

Hindi- Chichida, Tamil- Pudalangai, Telugu- Potlakage, Marathi- Jangli padavala, Malayalam- Padavalange.

snake gourd flower
snake gourd flower

Seed rate

Snake Gourd seeds are required 2-3kg/ha.

Seed Treatment

At first, take seeds with Trichoderma viride 4gm/kg or Carbendazim 2gm/kg mixing before sowing.

Preparation field

Plough the main field to the fine tilth and dig pits of size 30 x30 x 30cm at 2.5cm x 2.0m spacing and form basins.

Common variety of snake gourd

Co-1, PKM-1, MDU-1, Pusa Nasdar, Desi Chaitali.

Climate required for snake gourd cultivation

Snake Gourd grows well in tropical areas with a warm and humid climate. It requires a minimum temperature of 180C during early growth, but optimal temperatures are in the range of 24-270C. It can withstand rains but cannot withstand frost.

Soil required

Snake Gourd tolerates a wide range of soil but prefers a well-drained sandy loam soil that is rich in organic matter. Soils with PH range from 6.0-7.5 is ideal for the good yield.

Land preparation

Plough the field 3-4 times until it gets the fine tilth stage and removed any weeds from previous crops. If you last time plough then add/mixed organic fertilizers.

Manures and Fertilizers

Apply FYM or Compost or Vermicompost 20-25ton/ha as basal does along with half does of N(35kg/ha) full does phosphorus (25kg/ha) and potash (25kg/ha).  And more half does  N(35kg/ha) is applied in several split doses at forthright intervals.

snake gourd cultivation methods


During the initial stage of growth, irrigation at 3-4days and alternate days during flowering/fruits. During the rainy season, drainage is essential for plant survival and growth. Water problems areas drip irrigation would be great chose for efficient use of water. In this case, drip lines should be arranged along with pits.


The harvest stands from 50-80 days after sowing and it’s depending on the variety.   The harvest is done at an interval of 5-6days. A total number of 6-8harvested can be done in general.

Yield of Snake Gourd

Depending on the farm management and care, the average yield 18-25ton/ha in 135-145days.

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