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Soybeans are an edible legume that is very nutrients. Soybean is one of the most stable Kharif crops in India. Let us have a look at Soybean plant information. Soybean botanical name is “Glycine max” and family is ‘Legumes’. Its cultivated country is the USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Paraguay, Canada and many more. Soybean contains 20% high-quality oils and 40% protein. Besides this, it also a source of vitamin B complex, thiamine, and riboflavin.

soybean seeds

Soybean plant information

Top 10 health benefits for Soybean

i)Control Diabetes

ii) Improve Bone Health

iii) Boost Digestion

iv) Boost Heart Health

v) Prevent Cancer

vi) Control weight

vii) Improving your sleep.

viii) Improving circulation and oxygenation

ix) Improve your digestive health

x) Make hair Shine

Climate Required for Soybean

Soybeans will be grown in many different climates but today discuss best within a certain range. Soybean cultivation required a cool temperature. The temperature ranges from 26 to 300 C but mostly depends on the soybean varieties. Soil temperature 160 C or above for very good germination. A low temperature may cause to delay the flowering.

Soil required (Soybean plant information)

Soybean is highly adaptable and will be grown in most soils, although they can have trouble in heavy clay. PH range between 6.0-7.5 is most favorable for soybean farming. Water stay then damage to soybean roots, rainy season time required good soil drainage.

Variety of Soybean

i) M.A.C.S.-57,      ii) M.A.C.S.-13,       iii) M.A.C.S.-124,       iv) PK-472,J.S.-80,        v) J.S.-335,         vi)P.K.- 1029,    vii) Punjab 1,       viii) Pusa-16,         ix) Pusa 22,         x) Pusa-24,       xi) Pusa-20,            xii) Type 49.

Seed rate of soybean cultivation

  • Small grain varieties- 70kg/ha
  • Medium grain variety-80kg/ha
  • Large grain variety- 100kg/ha

Best season of seed sowing

Best season of seed sowing – 3rd week of June to 2nd week of July.

Seed Treatment

Soybean seeds should be treated with rhizobium culture or Carbendazim or Trichoderma viride 4gm/kg of seeds

Soybean plant

Seed spacing and depth

  • 45-60cm x 2.5cm for Kharif crop and 30-45cm x 2.5cm during spring season.
  • 3-4cm light soils and 2-3cm in heavy soils.

Fertilizers required (Soybean plant information)

Apply organic fertilizers Farm yard manure or Compost or Vermicompost 5 ton/ha. Apply Inorganic fertilizers 40kg Urea, 360kg Superphosphate, 50kg Muriate of potash, 25kg Zinc sulphate and 10kg Borax.

Irrigation required for soybean

In the Kharif season does not require irrigation, it is grown rainfed. In the summer and spring season irrigation needs 5-6 times. During the rainy season make sure crop soil has proper drainage to avoid waterlogging.

Soybean Pest and Diseases control

If you cultivated then facing many problems so one by one discuss that

Soybean insect pest management

Soybean plant diseases 

Harvesting time

Soybean plant period range from 50-145 days but depends on the varieties. When all the leaves turn yellow and fall off and stalk stand only with pods. Cut the entire plant when most of the pods have turned yellow during the processing and fully watch harvest time moisture content in the seeds should be 15%.

The Yield of Soybean for Soybean plant information

Its fully depends on the variety of seed cultivation, average yield production is 20-35 quintal/ha.

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